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Oct 24, 2004
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Do you need Cox? I got more Cox than you can handle! WALK HARD trailer leaks online!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the new trailer from the Apatow team, a flick called WALK HARD with John C. Reilly, Jenna Fischer and tons of the regulars... like Paul Rudd (as John Lennon) and Kristen Wiig. The flick comes off as the most spoofy of the Apatow Team flicks we've seen, a direct riff on the Oscar bait biography movies of famous singers (WALK THE LINE in particular), but that's not a bad thing. Actually Jake Kasdan looks to have shot an incredibly beautiful movie and John C. Reilly looks great.

The good guys over at Filmick broke the story. Head over there to find a plethora of options on where to get the trailer. It doesn't look like an official release, so you might have to spend some time downloading. I got it at sendspace.com, but I'm not sure if that still works. They have mirrors up at Filmick, though. Enjoy!!!
that looks pretty funny at parts, but ill wait until dvd for it. love the jail scene "I have an addictive personality!"
the guy playing elvis had me cracking up
This looks AWESOME. I can't wait to say to my ex-wife...

"You can take my kids but you leave me my monkey!"
Man, this is going to be brilliant...

Official site (trailer): http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/walkhard/index.html

Long (and even better) trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4yzjtnj8Y3U


Its so great to see that Apatow team getting bigger and bigger. They really need to make a Freaks and Geeks: High School Reunion.
I'm all on this s***.
Apatow is seriously a beast, and hasn't failed yet.
And ditto to the Freaks and Geeks comment, Ace 66. :up:
"Today's gonna be the BEST DAY EVER!"
"Yeah yeah! Ain't nothing horrible gonna happen today!"
"Let's go play machete-fight!"

the guy playing elvis had me cracking up
heh, thats jack white from the white stripes. yeah, its one of my favorite parts of the trailer.

theres 2 different trailers by the way...

trailer 1:

trailer 2:
"Today's gonna be the BEST DAY EVER!"
"Yeah yeah! Ain't nothing horrible gonna happen today!"
"Let's go lay machete-fight!"


"It doesn't say Cox unless I say it tastes like Cox."

"Dad, I was just wonderin' if you wanna have a catch..."
"Son, this might sound a little strange, but....what is your name again? Are you Danny? Douglas?"

I saw the trailer with Superbad, looks good.
I am so looking forward to this movie!
I can't wait too see Paul Rudd as John Lennon, Jack White as Elvis and it's nice too see Tim Meadows on the big screen again. :up:
"Let's go play machete fight. Ain't no terrible tradgedy's gonna happen today!"
This is getting extremely good reviews...I'm shocked. I may have to give it a look on Saturday afternoon.

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