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War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle


Mar 4, 2005
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Newsarama put up an interview with editor Nick Lowe about the new MAX miniseries War is Hell by Garth Ennis and Howard Chaykin. According to the article, the Phantom Eagle was last seen in Thor Corps #3. Weird.


Sounds pretty cool, actually. I'll probably pick it up.
Chaykin's style actually works really well on that type of comic, too.
count me in...
I think his art looks awful on superheroes. Pretty simple, actually.
I don't. It's pretty simple. My only complaint about his current run on Wolverine is that I don't like the clean shaven look he gives Logan. Other than that, I like his style.
Pj...please stop talking about artists styles and reactions to them... I'm trying to let it go
lol, just give me a week w/o an artist comment I don't think that's too much to ask...
Didnt this character have his own book at one time? I swear i read at least one issue as a kid...i seem to remember him and his girlfriend getting killed...a german pilot shot them from the air while they were still on the ground...he recovered (but she died iirc) and he went on to become "The Phantom Eagle"...it was actually kind of cool.
It wouldn't surprise me if it's a Golden Age character brought into the modern day.
Not really having anything to do with anything in this thread, but I've always wanted someone to do a Golden Eagle mini, I remember his brief cameo in Marvels and have been fascinated with that character ever since.

EDIT: I meant the Golden Age Angel.
I mean in the sense that it's modernized, by today's creators. Not that he would actually be operating in the present.
I mean in the sense that it's modernized, by today's creators. Not that he would actually be operating in the present.

Huh? It's a modern comic book in that it's new. So, yes. It's modernized.

What are you talking about?
Garth Ennis is probably going to give the character a more modern spin. I very much doubt he'll be writing it in the style of Golden Age comics or keeping the character absolutely identical to the Golden Age version; it'll be a more modern period story of a Golden Age character.
That's a given, dude. Why would anyone think that Ennis is going to write a MAX book in the style of Golden Age comics?
I like Chaykin's art,sure his faces can be wonky at times,other than that he's great.

Ennis I'm not too crazy about,but this seems like the perfect project for him.It's about time he did something different.
Cool can't wait for this.
This a message board, dude. It's for posting comments.
yeah but I'm talking about you specifically bringing up art or artists...you could do that ...:cwink:

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