Warner Bros Acquires ‘Attila,’ Origin Story


Jun 20, 2008
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Warner Bros Acquires ‘Attila,’ Origin Story

Warner Bros has made neophyte scribe Nicholas Schoenfeld a nice deal for his original pitch Attila, an origin story about the leader of the Huns who brazenly attacked Rome and lay waste to much of Europe before dying under mysterious circumstances on his wedding night. While many in Hollywood make their way into the industry through the connections of film programs of schools like USC, Schoenfeld was helped by a Brown connection. Schoenfeld, a Classics major at the Ivy League school, signed with ICM agent and Brown alum Todd Hoffman after finding the rep’s name in a Brown University alumni network. Hoffman signed Schoenfeld after reading his script Rome Versus Rome, and introduced him to about 17 producers on the then-undergrad’s winter recess. When he graduated, Schoenfeld’s script The Scottish Lady (now called Lady Of Blood And Fury, it is a reinterpretation of Macbeth with Lady Macbeth the heroic figure) got the attention of Mary Parent, who is boarding the project as producer. Warner Bros execs liked his work, and Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan sat him down with execs Matt Cherniss and Niija Kuykendall (the latter also a Brown grad) and three weeks later had a deal for his pitch Attila, about the formative years of one of the worst men ever to walk the earth. The tone is similar to the good-man-gone-bad pic Dracula Year Zero, which was written by Schoenfeld’s mentors, Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. Schoenfeld is now developing two original projects with Warner Bros-based producers David Heyman and Basil Iwanyk. He’s managed by ICM and Management 360.

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