Watchmen is happening.

End is Nigh

If it means having to watch Malin Akerman try to act again, I'll just shoot myself now.
I'm not bothered by Malin Akerman's acting. The real thing to fear is riots in the streets set to KC & the Sunshine Band songs.
I think they should just move it to midnight.
I totally thought this was gonna be another post about the Seattle Superhero Movement, but I was wrong. and not really that concerned. Although coupling the superhero movement with this news, it all suddenly makes sense.

People, the superman might soon be real, and he may or may not be American. (But rest assured, if he isn't, we'll have one as soon a sw epossibly can. After all the American remake is ALWAYS better. :whatever:)
Well I don't think the administration is worried. They still have five hypothetical minutes. When you crunch that down to 2 or 3 we might see a serious course of action. Put it at midnight and we'll get immediate results. "The apocalypse is here , we better do something about it!"
Doomsday Clock hasn't been relevant since the Cold War ended.
Watchmen already happened...thirty minutes ago.
Doomsday Clock hasn't been relevant since the Cold War ended.

I find it even more ironic that if you read the article it's actually just staying at five minutes to Midnight for the coming year, the same as last year. It has not moved up or anything.

I would also like to point out it only has a 15-minute differential, meaning the best we can presumably be is 15 minutes from Midnight.
I don't suppose anyone here is willing to be disintegrated in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor?
Doomsday is coming? where's Superman when you need him?
True, but I find her particularly annoying because she's like the hot, dumb girl at the office who you know is there solely because she's hot and shows her **** to anyone who asks.
You say that like it's such a bad thing.

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