WB's Line of Sight - the first FPS military action film?

I was wondering when they would get around to making a first person movie. We'll see how this turns out.
There may or may not be more and more first person perspective segments in film. I'm unsure how many screenwriters out here are doing this - but I've found, if even for only a couple of seconds using first person myself to further put an audience into a experience. I think it may very well be a more generational thing perhaps, what one grows up with as well as trying to do new things and think outside of the box. Maybe more screenwriters have been doing the same as well... I'm unsure... but there may be if it's everywhere in the hollywood frequency (which leads to similar projects and etc of all kinds).

Ben Affleck is supposedly something similar, although haven't heard much word since then.
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Yikes! So in in other words, the ultimate military recruitment video, then?
I thought the FPS sequence in Doom was ****ing awesome, not sure I can see it working for a full-length film though.

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