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Weird and disturbing moments in DC Comics


Sep 30, 2012
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such as some messed up stuff Batman and Superman did to thugs like hanging them from a rope from the Bat-Helilcopter during the 1930s or 1940s
We could talk about the time DC had Sue Dibny attacked, raped, killed by an aneurysm, then set on fire. While pregnant.
In a single story.

The most mysoginistic thing I've ever read.
This reminds me of an old issue of Wizard which had an article about Superman doing messed up things backi n the day. It was Hilarious !!
All those times various superheroes kidnapped children, dressed them up like them, and made them battle monsters and serial killers.
Speaking of Superman, At Earth's End was most definitely both weird and disturbing:


That's not fair, hound.


We've all had a few too many drinks and wound up in Roy's shoes...
Cracked.com is a bit behind the times with the whole weird demented stuff that went on in DC and Marvel.

Wizard Magazine did it first.

Ant Man and Wasp using the shrinking stuff to do things in bed

Colossus's bastard child in Savage Land

old timey Superman grabbing thugs in the crotch and saying weird things like Daddy spank

really weird stuff Superman did with Supergirl in the 1930s-1940s. Even some mean stuff to Lois and Jimmy
the most jacked up things DC did huh...

1) Having Major Force put Kyle Rayner's girlfreind in a fridge! that &^% was just wrong on alotta levels!
2) Stephanie getting "power tooled" by Black mask!
3) the Comedian shooting that Vietnamese chick after she told " mister eddy" i am having your kid! That ^%$ was just wrong!
4) though it didnt happen in a comic but on the old George reeves Superman show. A crook and and his wife learn Supes secret id and intend on black mailing him . Supes Kidnaps them and drop them off on a snowy mountain, until he can decide what to do with em. they decide to climb down and end up falling to their deaths. that ^%$# kept me awake at night cause it wasnt very superheroish and really quite *****ey! A young mind like mine couldn't comprehend how Supes could be so *****ey!
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Remember that time Wendy and Marvin from Super Friends were introduced into the comics... for the sole purpose of eventually having their own dog eat them? Good times. :cool:
Because clearly the best way to end a cute story about Wonder Dog being introduced to the DCU is to have him turn into a monster and graphically eat his owners alive :o


One day, Batman: Odyssey will be remembered as one of the greatest stories of our time

And be the plot of the next Batman movie reboot :ninja:
Pretty much everything in Hellblazer epecially the demonic dog raping Constantines teenage sidekick Benjamin Cox
Well... he wouldn't really be John Constantine if terrible **** didn't happen to everyone around him...
Weird and disturbing is expected in Hellblazer though. I gotta say guys, I am LOVING this thread. I didn't know about most of this stuff besides some of the more recent ones. Keep em coming cuz I am eating this **** up
The time Bissette convinced Alan Moore to write a story about menstrual werewolf women.
I'd say Black Adam killing Psycho Pirate is pretty demented.
What about Apollo eating the Firts Born's organs at the dinner table in issue 25 of Wonder Woman? That was pretty sick.
Disturbing in a good way? Batman: The Cult.

Disturbing in a bad way? Dick Grayson eating rats.

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