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Welcome to the SHH Marvel Comics Boards,Introduce yourself!


May 22, 2005
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I think it's time we had a more welcoming vibe to these boards.I see more and more new posters here passing through everyday,and I thought it would be cool if we had a thread devoted to introducing ourselves and welcoming new people.Sticky???

I'll start:

First Name:


Southern Ontario,Canada

Full time Business student

First Comic(s) Ever Read:
Can't recall,could have been some of Dixon's Batman(broken back era),issues from the Maximum Carnage arc,Joe Mad X-Men

Favorite Characters:
Captain America,Thor,Iron Man,Hulk,Nick Fury,Punisher,Hercules,Hawkman,Atom,Green Lantern(Hal Jordan of course,but they're all cool),Barry Allen,Green Arrow,Black Canary,Vic Sage,The Samaritan

Favorite Artists:
Ivan Reis,Rags Morales,JRJR,Jack Kirby,Gene Colan,Jim Steranko,John Buscema,Bryan Hitch,John Cassaday,Tim Sale,Roberto De La Torre,Carlos Pags,Michael Lark,Alex Maleev,Brent Anderson,Stuart Immonen

Favorite Writers: Warren Ellis,Mark Millar,Ed Brubaker,Daniel and Charlie Knauf,Brad Meltzer,JMS,Geoff Johns,Grant Morrison,Kurt Busiek,Greg Rucka,Darwyn Cooke,James Robinson,Mark Waid

Top 5 Stories of all time:
The Golden Age,New Frontier,Kingdom Come,Secret Identity,The Archer's Quest

Top 5 Current ongoings:
Captain America,Iron Man,Thunderbolts,JSA,Green Lantern

Most anticipated comics of 2008?:Hitlar's F4,Loeb's Hulk,Ross and Krueger's Superpowers,JMS' The Twelve,Millar's 1985,Kick Ass and McNiven project,Pak's Incredible Hercules

Favorite Movies: Goodfellas,Casino,Mean Streets,Raging Bull,Troy,Almost Famous,The US VS John Lennon,American Gangster,The Prestige,Unbreakable,Primary Colors,Gladiator,Godfather 1 and 2

Favorite Bands:
Sly and the Family Stone,Rob Zombie,Black Crowes,White Stripes,Guns N Roses,Motown Records,Stylsitics,Hendrix,The Doors,Black Sabbath,The Faces
Guess I'll give it a shot too.

First Name: Jared

Age: 21

Location: Coral Gables, Florida

Occupation: College Student (senior)

First Comic(s) Ever Read: probably some really old Marvel with the Thing vs the Hulk. Saw it lying around. First comic I actually looked for was Lady Death.

Favorite Characters: Batman, Batman, and Batman. Emma is by far my favorite X-(wo)man, but I like the X-men mainly as a team. I like Ultimate Captain America, I'm becoming more interested in Mary Marvel because of Countdown. While I respect Spider-Man almost as much as Batman, I don't read many Spidey books.

Favorite Artists: Bryan Hitch, John Cassaday, Alex Ross, Ethan Van-Sciver, Frank Cho, Alex Maleev, Steven Hughes, Phil Jiminez, Tony Daniel, Frank Miller, and David Mazzuchelli

Favorite Writers: Mark Millar, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Ed Brubaker, Alan Moore

Top 5 Stories of all time: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Kingdom Come, Ultimates 2, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born

Top 5 Current ongoings: JSA, Astonishing X-men, Batman, Immortal Iron Fist, Green Lantern

Favorite Movies: Princess Mononokee; Old Boy; Apocolypse Now; The Good the Bad and the Ugly; Ghost in the Shell.

Favorite Bands: Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, Albert King, Extol, Antestor, John Lee Hooker.

First Name:


Edmonton Alberta,Canada

I dunno....I was a hotel manager....I kinda do all kinds of stuff right now....currently Deliver Pizza

First Comic(s) Ever Read:
the first one I remember actually buyign was Z-men 2099 #4

Favorite Characters:
Angel, Quicksilver, Namor, USAgent, Green Arrow, Booster and Blue, Mary Marvel, Bob

Favorite Artists:
Clayton Henry, Mike Mckone, Jim Calafiore.....Hmmm....seem to like Exiles Artists.....

Favorite Writers: Dan Slott, Judd Winnick, Frank Tieri, Dan Slott, Mark Millar (but only for his initial run on Ultimate X-men) Chuck Austen (Exiles stuff only), Dan Slott, Joe Casey, Robert Kirkman, Dan Slott, Dan Slott, Dan Slott, Keith Giffen and Dan Slott.

Top 5 Stories of all time:
X-men: Twelve (Only because it was the first major arc when I really started reading Comics, Age of Apocalypse, Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Tieri's Weapon X

Top 5 Current ongoings:
Invincible, Booster Gold, Walking Dead, Exiles,
Cable & Deadpool

Favorite Movies:
The Princess Bride, Stardust, Sunshine....too many more to mention

Favorite Bands:
uh.....yeah....I don't...uh do music....the radio tells me what to listen to.

Favorite TV Shows: Lost, Scrubs, Futurama, how I met your mother.
Oh and this is like a sex offenders dream come true.

First Name: Thomas

Age: 19

Location: Saint Louis , Missouri

Occupation: Full time student

First Comic(s) Ever Read: The Dc Vs Marvel series i bought in california.

Favorite Characters: Green Lantern (kyle the one true lantern),Flash, Batman, Spidey and Like 200 random DC characters that deserve a shot.

Favorite Artists: Jim Lee, Micheal Turner,Silvestri, Finch,Hitch,Kubert bros.

Favorite Writers: Geoff Johns on his A game. Jeph Loeb. Bendis when he writes good spidey stories. Mark Millar And Mark Miller

Top 5 Stories of all time: New Frontier,Kingdom Come,Green Lantern ION 1st time,Batman Hush,Marvels

Top 5 Current ongoings: Teen Titans, Superman/Batman, JLA, GLC,Batman.

Favorite Movies: Fight Club and like 3 million i cant name, lol

Favorite Bands: Just ALot and Nirvana, Relient K.
First name: Joshua

Age: 26

Location: Warrensburg/KC MO

Occupation: student

First comic ever read: Conan #1 (the old one)

Favorite characters: Spider-Man, Batman, Daredevil, Black Panther, Iron Fist, Cap, Thor, Havok, Beast, Morph

Favorite Artists: Pasqual Ferry (spelling?), Joe Mad

Favorite Writers: Brubaker, Bendis, Millar

Top 5 stories of all time: Age of Apocalypse, Exexuctioner's song (that's when I really got into comics), can't think of any others at the moment

Top 5 current ongoings: Thor, Immortal Iron Fist, Daredevil, Captain America, F4

Favorite movies: Better Off Dead, The Goonies, The Gremlins, Casino Royale, Batman Begins

Favorite Bands: Anberlin, MxPx, Off the Record, Oleander, Relient K
First Name: [/B]Stuart

22, 23 on the 28th Nov

Warrington (between Manchester and Liverpool, UK

Graphic Designer/Mac Operator

First Comic Ever Read:
X-cutioner's Song

Favorite Characters:
Captian America, Quicksilver, Namor, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman

Favorite Artists:
Isanove, Cassaday, Land, Bachalo, Cho, JRJR, Hitch, Maleev, Kuberts, I know its ignorant, but the guy who drew Daredevil during the unmasking and the current Captain America dude. Oh and Kirby

Favorite Writers: Miller, Millar, Stan Lee, Ed Brubaker, Brad Meltzer, JMS, Geoff Johns, Moore

Top 5 Stories of all time: Watchmen, Age of Apocalypse, Ultimates 1+2, Kingdom Come, Identity Crisis

Top 5 Current ongoings:
Being in the UK, its much easier to get trades, but from the looks of things, Captain America, Daredevil, ASM, X-Men, IRon Fist

Favorite Movies:
The Prestige, Back to the Future 1-3, The Fountain, Fight Club, The Departed, Goodfellas, Batman Begins, Anchorman, Star Wars 3-6 & many, many more.

Favorite Bands:
Bloc Party, Editors, Kasabian, whatever is decent on the radio.

Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, Futurama, South Park, Top Gear, Star Trek TNG, DS9.
First Name: Evan

Age: 39

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Occupation: Computer tech and heavy metal vocalist

First Comic(s) Ever Read: X-Men #133

Favorite Characters: GUY GARDNER, The Authority, Wolverine

Favorite Artists: JRJR, Art Adams, Jim Lee, Alex Ross

Favorite Writers: Geoff Johns, Dan Slott, Old school Claremont, Stan Lee

Top 5 Stories of all time: God loves, man kills - Kingdom Come - The Watchmen - Age of Apocalypse - Crisis on Infinite Earths

Top 5 Current ongoings: Checkmate, JSA, New X-men, Green Lantern, GLC

Most anticipated comics of 2008?:Superpowers, Ultimates 3

Favorite Movies: Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Requiem for a Dream, Swingers. Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2

Favorite Bands: System of a Down, Static X, Mindless Self Indulgence, Devo, Jamiriquoi, Skinny Puppy

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Heroes, How I met your mother, ST-DS9, The Prisoner, Monthy Python
And for the record, Lane Myer is the greatest name to be on these forums. I ALMOST put that movie in my top favorites.
Damn, wench...I thought you were actually going to answer the questions!
Like knowing your real names and your favorite movie is going to stop me from mocking all of you.
Aww, I think we're plenty friendly! I'm telling you, what anyone mistakes for scathing condescension is really just a loving pat on the head in disguise. Really deep undercover disguise.

First Name:


Bay Area, CA

Occuwhat now?

First Comic(s) Ever Read:
Doraemon, Saint Seiya

Favorite Characters:
Kyle Rayner, Linda Danvers, Doctor Strange, Connor Hawke, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey

Favorite Artists:
Masami Kurumada, Yosh-itaka Amano, Takehiko Inoue, Fujiko F. Fujio, P. Craig Russell, George Perez, Phil Jimenez

Favorite Writers: Joss Whedon, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, John Rogers, Peter David, Brian K. Vaughan, Neil Gaiman, Geoff Johns

Top 5 Stories of all time:
Infinite Crisis, DC: New Frontier, Grant Morrison's X-Men, Annihilation, Fray

Top 5 Current ongoings:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fallen Angel, Checkmate, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold

Most anticipated comics of 2008?: Gail Simone on Wonder Woman, Angel: After the Fall

Favorite Movies: Serenity, Free Willy, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, Free Willy 3: The Rescue, The Lord of the Rings, That Thing You Do, October Sky, The Incredibles, Winged Migration, Star Wars, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, The Matrix, Saved!, American Wedding, Dead Man on Campus

Favorite Bands:
Jason Mraz, Travis, Matchbox Twenty, Alicia Keys, Jet, Jon McLaughlin, Moody Blues, Switchfoot, Stephen Lynch, Matt Duke,

And Mandy fcking Moore, goddamnit.
First Name: Josh

Age: 24

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Occupation: One that lets me play on the Hype all day/Photographer

First Comic(s) Ever Read: An issue of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, I think. The first superhero book I read was probably an old Web of Spider-Man issue.

Favorite Characters: Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Hellboy, Doc Strange, Daredevil, Hercules, Iron Fist, Heath Huston (Fear Agent), Dash Bad Horse, The Thing, Batman, Casanova

Favorite Artists: Michael Lark, Mike Mignola, Paul Pope, Guy Davis, Steve Epting, Ryan Kelly, Chris Bachalo, Lewis Larosa, John Romita Sr. and Jr., Joe Kubert, Tony Moore, Sergio Cariello, Butch Guice, Dougie Braithwaite, Jim Steranko, Walt Simonson, Jock, John Cassaday, Lee Weeks, Ron Garney, John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Alex Maleev, Ryan Ottley, Gabriel Ba, Becky Cloonan, R.M. Guera, Kristian Donaldson, J.H. Williams III, Gene Ha, Ed McGuinness

Favorite Writers: Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Warren Ellis, Brian Wood, Mike Mignola, Matt Fraction, BKV, Dan Slott, PAD, Mike Oeming, Greg Rucka, Mike Carey, Garth Ennis, Scott Lobdell, Roger Stern, Walt Simonson, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek

Top 5 Stories of all time: Indian Country, Avengers Forever, Conqueror Worm, Marvels, Local

Top 5 Current ongoings: Scalped, Captain America, Immortal Iron Fist, Casanova, DMZ

Most anticipated comics of 2008?: Northlanders, Dogs Day End, anything new by BKV

Favorite Movies: Michael Clayton, Children of Men, The Fountain, Primer, Dog Day Afternoon, The Insider, Closer, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Great Escape, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I Stand Alone

Favorite Bands: David Bowie,The Knife, Black Keys, Ryan Adams, Hot Chip, Cornelius, Ghostface Killah, Massive Attack, Kings of Convenience, The Hold Steady
Actually, I think it was the Free Willy and Mandy Moore that did it ;)
First Name: Safraz (It's Arabic, and I'm not Muslim but my dad is. I'm not being random, I just get the questions "That's a cool/weird name, where's it from?" followed by "Arabic? So you're Muslim?" like 90% of the time when I tell people my name.)

Age: 23

Location: Gainesville, FL

Occupation: Administrative assistant and librarian

First Comic(s) Ever Read: I don't remember exactly what it was, but I think it was a Spider-Man comic my dad gave me when I was really young

Favorite Characters: Thor, the Black Knight (Dane), Alan Scott, Captain America (Steve-O, natch), Walter West (alternate universe version of Wally), Kyle Rayner, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Traci Thirteen, Tim Drake (before his current crappiness), Ricochet, Jack Power

Favorite Artists: John Romita Jr., Ron Garney, Karl Kerschl, Doug Mahnke, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank, Tom Grummett, Ringo :-)(), Mike Mignola, James Jean, Adi Granov, Jim Steranko, Bill Sienkiewicz, Leonardo Manco, Walt Simonson, Steve Epting, Guy Davis, Rob Haynes, Butch Guice, Scott Kolins, Mike Oeming, Andrea DiVito, Olivier Coipel, Duncan Rouleau, Adam Hughes, Rafael Albuquerque, Cully Hamner, Mike Perkins, Scot Eaton, Pablo Raimondi, Jesus Saiz, Steve McNiven, Jim Cheung, Ryan Sook, Chris Sprouse, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, Neil Googe, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Carlos Pacheco, Moebius, Don Figueroa, Tim Sale, Travis Charest, Jim Lee, John Cassaday, Sean Phillips, Rags Morales, J. H. Williams III, Michael Zulli, Malcolm Jones III, Patrick Gleason, Alan Davis, Darwyn Cooke

Favorite Writers: Mark Waid, Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Chuck Dixon, Dan Jurgens, Gail Simone, J. M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen, John Rogers, Brian K. Vaughan, Joe Casey, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Dan Slott, Kurt Busiek, Peter David, Walt Simonson, Mike Oeming, Joe Kelly, Grant Morrison, Tom Peyer, Garth Ennis, Brian Wood

Top 5 Stories of all time: Avengers Forever, Kingdom Come, V for Vendetta, The Sandman, Preacher

Top 5 Current ongoings: (I'm gonna limit this to superhero comics, since I look at those and indie/Vertigo comics differently) Captain America, Checkmate, Blue Beetle, Welcome to Tranquility, X-Factor

Most anticipated comics of 2008?: More Thor, The Incredible Hercules, WWH Aftersmash: Damage Control, Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad, Teen Titans: Year One, Kyle joining the cast of Green Lantern Corps, Chuck Dixon on Robin, Taskmaster in Avengers: The Initiative, the Young Avengers one-shots, the aftermath of Messiah Complex, the aftermath of Annihilation: Conquest, the Twelve

Favorite Movies: Children of Men, the Indiana Jones trilogy, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs, Blade Runner, The Matrix (just the first one), The Princess Bride, 300, Gladiator, A Clockwork Orange, Big Fish, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mallrats, The Departed, Full Metal Jacket, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, pretty much everything Pixar's done, especially The Incredibles and Monsters Inc.

Favorite Bands: Interpol, Dar Williams, Madeline Adams, the Who, the Beatles, Pearl Jam, Mos Def, Busy Signals, Metallica, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eric Clapton, Feist, Tenacious D, M. Ward, Belle and Sebastian, the Foo Fighters, the Ramones, the Desperate Bicycles, Art Brut, the Arcade Fire, Keane, Fastball, Andrew Bird, the Danielson Famile, David Dondero, David Bowie, Dire Straits, Emiliana Torrini, Joanna Newsom, K-Os, Tori Amos, Tool, ZZ Top, Mirah, MC Lars, Ookla the Mok, Weird Al Yankovic, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Q & Not U, Grandaddy, Massive Attack, the Twilight Singers, U2

None of the favorite lists are in any particular order, before people start flaming me for ranking something above something else. I'm also sure I forgot a bunch of things on all of those lists because, frankly, my long-term recall ain't so hot.
Yeah, thanks to Denis Leary, oddly enough. He was promoting the hell out of them along with Rescue Me, and I liked Rescue Me a lot at the time.

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