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Jun 26, 2005
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Although it's originally airing in Australia, I've been binge watching it in Netflix. Season 3's finale is going to air tomorrow in Australia and you can catch season 3 in dailymotion as well. The show has already won this year's Logie Award (Australia version of the Emmy).

My opinion about this show after watching season 1 finale: This show is amazing! A lot of people like to compare it to Orange is the New Black due to the fact that they're both TV shows based on chicks (although OITNB tends to be too feminist for my liking) Wentworth, on the other hand, is more gritty and darker at the same level as Daredevil. It basically makes OITNB a elementary school drama. I think a fairer comparison would be Breaking Bad. Without spoiling the show, both of the main character starts off as goody two shoes and as the series progress, they start acting like anti-heroes as they would use violence as an answer if it was necessary. This pretty much list the reasons why this show is amazing: http://www.tvguide.com/news/wentworth-netflix-reasons-to-watch/. And also it has a pretty high rating in rottentomatoes and imdb, lol. I suggest you check it out.
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Started watching this last week and it is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD! Damn you Netflix for not having S3 up and making me "fly" to Australia to catch reruns.
I thought this was about prison break or something lol
I've been binge watching this; and man is it good. It really picks up in S2.

And, 'The Governor' is hands down the best antagonist on television!

I love Vera too. :hrt:
S4 is now on Netflix. Ferguson and her manipulative ways!!!!! errmehgawwwddd!!
Great season. Glad that season 5 is confirmed! Bea's arc was over i guess. Interesting to see where they take things next season.
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This season has been a real mind fraker. I was afraid the show would go downhill after losing such a major character but it's held up.
Best line of the series:

"You've licked your last *****" - Fergerson.

Jut finished season 5..probably the best season yet. Can't wait for season 6!
Season 6 was good; love this show. It's funny how even though main characters 'leave', i.e Franky, Bea, Ferguson, etc they still keep the show up to par by introducing equally interesting new ones.
Wow this show is still good. can't wait for season 8; especially after that final shot!:wow:
This show is just incredible. Once I got hooked it was honestly hard for me to stop. Seasons 4, 5 and 7 have some the most emotional scenes ever and man Ferguson has to be one of best tv villains ever. That final shot at the end of the Season 7 finale got me so hype. Bring on Season 8.

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