WGA, SAG-AFTRA Strike Thread

I just love that AMPTP thought they could force WGA into submission but were totally wrong

It could be that.
It could also simply be true.
If it took the members of the AMPTP this long to agree on something to present to the WGA, if talks fall through again I do not see it as especially unlikely they'll be bickering for 3 more months before they get back on the table. Especially when once again, these companies have very different goals in mind.
We still have 3 months left, are Studios really willing to lose Money for this long?
I mean i know their greed knows no bounds, but still...at some point the shareholders or so at least have to start sweating because they lose Millions every day.
If this is in fact a ploy by AMPTP, it seems to have done the trick from a PR standpoint. Everybody and their grandmother is all but convinced this is over today.

If so, it'd be a bad deal for the writers. No way AMPTP are desperate enough to give in to the demands around transparency of viewing figures for residual payments.
No deal has ever really gone one way completely. I expect it to be like how the last Writers' strike ended but with better residual payments and a little bit more transparency from everyone who's not Netflix and Amazon.
The biggest points of contention seem to be:

1) Writer's room staffing.
2) Residuals with respect to streaming performance metrics.
3) AI generated scripts.
No deal has ever really gone one way completely. I expect it to be like how the last Writers' strike ended but with better residual payments and a little bit more transparency from everyone who's not Netflix and Amazon.

I think you are being optimistic. While you are correct that neither side will get everything they want, the issues on the table will take more than one day negotiating with the CEOs to get to a place where it is "close" AI alone will take longer than that because we know the studios aren't going to budge at all on that because of how this deal will affect the SAG-AFTRA negotiations.

I just don't buy the story that the CEOs showed up for one session and all of a sudden everything is hunky dory. It is way to convenient and the only people who seem to be talking about it are the same people who have been leaking false information since the very beginning. I haven't seen one writer out there talking about the progress which is usually the first sign that a deal is coming. (the joint statement only says they are meeting again) To me this stinks of the a ploy by the CEOs to try and wrestle back some of the bad PR and make it look like the writers are being unreasonable if a deal isn't struck today. I mean they aren't even hiding that is what they leaked to the press because that is what the puppets are saying...

The WGA members aren't desperate to go back and leadership has no interest in a mediocre deal...its going to take more than just a slight upping of residuals and a little more transparency to end this. That is why the studios are scared...
A.I. is the thing that worries most for both the writers and actors. I do not see the studios budging on the use of A.I. come Hell or High Water. They are going to use it whether we like it or not. So, I dont know where there will be a compromise between the two parties there.
I haven't followed these negotiations as closely as others on this forum. The WGA has been interested in minimum staffing for a long time and what version they're able to obtain might be indicative of the quality of the deal they achieve. As for the threat of this lasting till the end of the year, it seems like a studio tactic where they will threaten to turn their attention to SAG negotiations and put WGA on the backburner.

Not that I care at all about DWTS, but is this necessary? It's just an unscripted dance competition.

EDIT: I looked it up and it is apparently a WGA show because writers provide host talking points and written announcements. I just assumed that show producers typed up something in those situations.
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While no deal is at hand at present, the parties have had significant and detailed talks this week, we hear. They are drilling down into the fine print in the hopes of reaching a new three-year contract within hours or days.

However, with the situation fluid and chatter around town of a deal, it is unclear at the moment if the scribes and studios will be meeting again. A new get-together could come tomorrow or on Tuesday, after the Yom Kippur holiday — we will update with more information as we get it. As it stands, a new meeting has not been set as the parties go over details and data coming out of the recent negotiations.
Come on, people. Lets get this done. Lets go into the weekend on a positive note.

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