What are some DC superhero costumes that are easy to make?


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Nov 23, 2005
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What are some DC comic costumes that are easy to make? For Halloween I was thinking
of going as a superhero/villain character but I can't go all elaborate like many cosplayers do,
but I don't want to look cheesy either. What are some superhero/villains that have easy to
make costumes that would be cool?
Ones that are mostly one color, like the Flash, are pretty easy...might have to figure out the lightning head gear-mask/logo but otherwise it's red with some yellow zig zags at the waist/wrist/ankles, right?

The Joker is pretty easy, you just need a suit (something out of style like flannel/checkered would do if you can't find an actual purple suit or whatever), crazy tie, flower in the lapel, make-up. I think people will get the point. I can't really recommend Batman though unless you are buying it--it seems simple but it always ends up looking bad, to me, when people make one.

By the way, are you male/female or would you like recommendations for both (you might have a significant other wants to do a counterpart, after all, or it will save people time in posting possibilities...)
My namesake, if you don't mind limited visibility.

Superman's a pretty simple design, if you don't mind a home made look. Kind of fits the character, I think.

Jay Garrick and Alan Scott both have costumes that look like normal clothes with extra stuff added on.

Same with Black Canary (but that may not be your thing).

A lot of super villains just wear three piece suits of a specific color scheme with maybe a logo or a mask. Might have something to do with an anti-authority streak in a lot of super hero comics and their creators. Lex Luthor, The Joker, The Riddler, Black Mask, Toyman, The Prankster and Johnny Sorrow all spring to mind.

The Creeper's pretty easy if you don't mind body paint of being cold.

Both Mr. Terrifics have a pretty simple look to them.

Nightwing also wouldn't be too hard. If you can get your hands on a vaguely armored black outfit from a costume shop or black spandex and then add that blue V/eagle thing to it and a mask you're set.
Yeah, any hero/villain who wears a trenchcoat/suit is eminently easy to do (this includes many non-DC heroes like the Green Hornet and the Shadow, as well).
The Superman costume from Action Comics in the New 52 is probably one of the easiest. It's just a Superman t-shirt, jeans, work boots and a piece of red fabric as the cape.

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