What are some of your favorite fan-films?


Aug 11, 2012
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And where do you find them? I've seen a lot of great fan films this past year, and it seems like they're getting better and better all the time. What are some of your favorites, and how did you hear about them?

Some of my favorites are:

Spider-Man motion comic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POXxmaJ_cV8

Superman Classic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2WVlmNqMMs

Spider-Man: Eclipse - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwx98s4og1s

I've mostly found them just by searching on YouTube or hearing about them on Twitter. I've looked for fan-film sites, but most of the ones I found are dead now.
Batman: Dead End
The Punisher short film ( Thomas Jane one.)
The Hunt for Gollum.
The Punisher short film ( Thomas Jane one.)

This one. "Dirty Laundry."

My only complaint is that Frank wouldn't have waited so long to do something. Otherwise, a great film.

Even though it's too much, I still like "Grayson."

There's an AWESOME Captain Planet one starring Don Cheadle over at funnyordie.com, but I can't post a link because of the language. :)
I've seen that Captain Planet one, it is pretty funny. Grayson's a good one too. Haven't seen Hunt for Gollum, will have to search that one out.

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday's a fun one.

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Yup Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday for me too. And Batman: Puppet Master.
Fan films aren't normally my bag, but this is sort of... well, this sort of completely ****ing awesome:

Hey folks. Don't mean to spam but my fan film is coming out this Friday and hopefully you enjoy it :)

here is a still



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