What are your Thanksgiving plans?


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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Will you be like Frank Lucas, eating turkey and stuffing with the family and your Miss Puerto Rican wife, or Richie Roberts, eating a tuna and potato chip sammich alone in your room watching the game? :o

I have about 7 aunts and uncles, who all randomly cycle having stuff at their place every year, so I have no idea where. So long as they feed me, I'm fine.
Watch some football, eat some food, same ol same ol.
I just made reservations for two at this place. They have ratatouille. :woot:
Going to my girl's crib in ATL to stuff some turkey:o:cwink:
Work at Wal-mart getting the carts 8-5 Thanksgiving. We (employees) get a free Thanksgiving meal...but I'm still going to bring my own lunch and wait until 5:30 or 6 to eat what my mom/sister makes. No need to have two thanksgiving meals in one day.
im going to the girlfriends grandparents since i'm "part of the family" . probably smile at them , not say much , eat , listen to them talk , look at the clock , nudge my girlfriend , point to the clock , smile some more , say we have to go , say good bye , lie to my girlfriend and say it was fun. go home and take a dump.
Oh and drunk. But really, who needs a holiday for that? Not I.
I wanted to spend it alone drinking and playing video games. Instead I was pulled into spending the weekend with relatives.
Oh and drunk. But really, who needs a holiday for that? Not I.

Agreed. :up:

I'll probably sit at home and hope someone brings me some food. I may watch 24 Season 2 all day. I may play Guitar Hero III. Who knows?
I know all you tough guys secretly want to be with your family. You can tell us.

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