What are your thoughts on Batman supplementing

Steve Holt

Nov 27, 2007
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He's rich, no reason to think he wouldn't have some small company working on something to improve his body (not necessarily roids).

seems like more of a nolan thing.

i prefer Batman to be a pinacle of dedication, something about human perfection, very mythological.

but worth bringing up
Seems like an unnecessary digression. I want my next Bat films to be focused and intimate. Nolan's trilogy had enough of pointless subplots.
i meant in general, not just movies. More of a backround thing, not saying build a story around it
Batman can embody the western version of gung fu or self-mastery. Bruce Lee and Miyamoto Musashi come to mind as real world examples.
How did you know he didn't use PEDs already? Maybe it just wasn't worth mentioning.

Anyway they shouldn't be encouraging illicit drug use by showing the main superhero doing it, and if they did, it would inevitable have to be in an even darker setting than the Nolan trilogy was.
One word, "Venom." It was featured in a story long before Bane entered the picture and Bruce had to fight an addiction to it. He won, but it led him to realize it was not worth winning f he couldn't do it naturally. In short, say no to drugs of any kind except those prescribed by a doctor and even then be leary.
He should use whatever Blaine was chewing on in PREDATOR. It worked to make him a damned sexual tyrannosaurus!

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