Iron Man 3 What artists/bands should be on the soundtrack?


May 8, 2000
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as we've seen, Tony Stark is a classic rock fan, so that will probably get a nod. I can see various folks being on the IM3 soundtrack. Maybe they can get a Led Zeppelin reunion together, contribute a new song to it.
Nah, Robert Plant doesn't want to do anything with Led Zeppelin anymore, so they definitaly won't. Even if they did, John Bonham is dead, anyone who knows Led Zeppelin knows that Led Zeppelin isn't Zeppelin without Bonzo. His presence is so freakin ridiculous.

I would expect more ac/dc

however, if they good get some old led zeppelin songs in, that would be cool, like...after stark has his troubles, before he gets ready for a final battle,thiis song could certainly work, with the intro, and the words are..sort of appropriate/

Apart from more AC/DC, they need to bring back Black Sabbath.
AC/DC has become a Stark motif, but that's all getting tired and old, just like the band.

Might be nice to bring in some fresher hard rock/metal, to signal a change in Stark's personality and to quit making him be stuck in the past. Something like Wolfmother, Kasabian, Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Disturbed, or even some thrash from Metallica or Megadeth could make him a more hip rocker, instead of a dadrocker.

That being said, I think it *would* be cool as hell at some point to include Paul McCartney and Wings' "Magneto and Titanium Man" on the soundtrack.

Ac/Dc, Black Sabbath and bring some Iron Maiden please.
*sings* love take me down to the streets! *clicks fingers*
How about Slipknot? Just kidding.

Anything classic rock would work but with the movie going darker maybe something a little more heavy.

I would love it if they worked this into the movie somehow lol

If Tony is really on the run in this movie they should put this in the soundtrack somewhere.

None. Just a score only release, thank you very much. (As long as BT's score for IM3 is good.)
Ok ok, Linking Park is more Transformers ;-)

I like them.
Just came across this and wasn't sure where to post it or if it had already been posted(probably has, but oh well)

Just came across this and wasn't sure where to post it or if it had already been posted(probably has, but oh well)


I was only paying attention to the visuals in the trailer at first, but that is some goddamn epic trailer music right there. Probably going to hear this in a lot more movie trailers from now on.
I like it, but I think "Something to fight for" was better. (Music in the first IM3 trailer.)
This one? Yeah, I like it too but I'd say I prefer Courage of Our Fathers slightly. Both are great though.


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