What comic book movies have made you more interested in the comic books?

The PhantaZm

Dec 16, 2003
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Out of the ones I wasn't already very familiar with (pretty much all besides X-men, spidey, punisher) I'd say Daredevil and Constantine are the only ones that really peaked my interest beyond the theatre.

I liked hellboy but not enough to dig deeper. Same with the blade movies.

Spawn and hulk actually put me off to the comics.
I was never a Blade fan but after seeing the 1st 2 films, I'm thinking about reading the comics of him
I started reading up on Blade after the first movie came out. I tried to get into Spawn but just wasn't feeling it.
This will make you laugh; "Batman Returns" put me off Batman but "Forever" got me to start reading him again. :batman:
The upcoming FF movie has rekindled my interest in reading comics again.
Constantine coming out made me buy all of the Hellblazer trades.
Well, I always liked most of the guys who I've seen on screen, the classics - Superman, Batman, Spidey - but The Mask is the only movie that made me wanna check out what the comic was like.

Now if only Son Of The Mask could have that same effect on whatever poor unfortunate soul has it inflicted upon them...
Nope. The last was a "Tomb of Dracula" mini-series that ended last month.
The PhantaZm said:
I liked hellboy but not enough to dig deeper.

That's a shame because the comics are amazing.

For me, the Mask. I didn't know it was based on a comic at first, but hearing that the comic was more mature and violent piqued my interest.
For some reason, catwoman made me start reading the catwoman comics, i used to hate reading DC, but now i do
The Crow
The Mask
Tank Girl
Constantine - ended up buying all of the Hellblazer novels.
Did You Also End Up Enjoying Them? Because In The End, That's What's Important.
Oh hell yea I enjoyed them..I didn't buy them all at once.. probably 4-5 at a time.

Right now I'm reading "Son of Man", after that I have "Rake at the gates of Hell"

The last one I completed was "All his Engines"

LOL it's funny how I now get the urge to use the words "bollocks" and "sod" in my day-to-day vocabulary..
I hadn't really read any superhero comics (except the Phantom) but before Batman Begins was released I picked up Year One, TLH and Dark Knight Returns. After that I've been hooked and I've picked up a lot of other superherocomics, but not because of the movies.

The Spider-Man and X-Men movies did get me to start buying their respective Ultimate books though and I'm still reading those. I've also tried out the first two Hellboy trades because I really liked that movie, but they didn't appeal to me as much.
When the 89 batman movie came out, I bought the tradeback of The Dark Knight Returns, because in this huge movie book I had about the movie it said that was one of Burton's influences.

I was 11 when I first read it. When I finished it, any enjoyment I once had for the 60's Batman show died that day.
I honestly didn't care for DKR; I liked the imagery but not the story. Like you, my introduction to the Dark Knight was Michael Keaton. I don't recall when I lost my interest in Adam West, the Anti-Bat.
The Crow - After I saw the movie in theaters, I started picking up the comics and TPB's.
I also read "The Hard Goodbye", which came w/my Sin City DVD-before the movie I'd never given any thought to reading any of Sin City.
X-Men, definitely. I didn't read the book for almost 15 years because it was so goddang melodramatic, but Bryan Singer and Grant Morrisson turned me back on to the franchise.

Basically because, either i already know the character, or i´ll buy it, the moment the movie is announced, to get into the character before the movie cames out.
That´s what happend with me and Hellboy
The Batman movies have gotten me interested in the comics, and after seeing Sin City, I'm thinking of getting into the graphic novels.

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