What did you study/what was your major in college?


Jun 24, 2007
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So I'm starting college very soon, and I was just curious of what you guys took when you were in school. Any general stories or advice about college is welcome too.

I, myself, have thought for a LONG time of studying/majoring in film simply because I love movies, and my dream career was always a screenwriter or producer/director. But I am hesitant because of the negativity I've heard around the different art majors (lack of job options, many successful people in the film industry didn't even go to school for it, etc.), and am thinking of doubling up with Computer Science (or just making that my major, possibly with a minor in Film & TV).


I majored in Computer Science. You should pick something that you find yourself comfortable and that you can see yourself doing, something you could do with joy. It isn't easy though, I recommend you to talk with people who has majored in the areas you look for, and ask them what do they do, what challenges have they come through, the ups and downs. Gather all the information you need, and make a choice.
Started out as a Secondary Education and Broad Field Social Science double major. Then I switched to a History major and a Psychology minor. Now I am in grad school for Library Science with a Certificate in Archival and Cultural Heritage Resources and Services.

I hated being an undergrad with a passion. If you like lots of craziness, then you'll love getting your bachelors and being in the dorms. If you like peace and quiet, it'll be a hell on earth. I much prefer grad school. The class discussions are much more in-depth and there are only serious students attending.
I studied Architecture.

Starting my licensing exams this year. Quite honestly, I'm more interested in being a visualization artist, doing 3D modeling & rendering, so I'm trying to break into freelancing with that.

In this economy, I'd advise against architecture though.
Mechanical and electrical engineering. (I wanted to design fighter jets for the military) and well, now, I went from fighter/stealth technology to the drones.
Comedy Writing and Performance... I'm a trained classical clown.

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