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What do you guys think nintendo hasplanned for the next next gen console?


Dec 8, 2005
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We now know Nintendo is back!!! and for the win, what do you guys think nintendo has in store for the next next gen console? impretty sure they have new features that will be added to the wii remote an all knew redefined system to go with it too. can we expect better graphics next next gen console? impretty theyre finding a better way for doing so as we speak, soprobbaly in 4-5 years or so we'll see.
Solid snake in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

I'm sold. :up:
I really think Nintendo has the advantage....how well it sells....well...Nintendo has always been a family based console...sure it has it's adult games but it's main target audience has always been aimed at early teens with it's bright games. Although saying that I think that Nintendo's games have such a great quality that they have global appeal.

Now with the fact that Wii has some what of a virtual reality concept to some of the games, I'm definetely sold.
In a turn of events Nintendo will rip off of Sony for the next nextgen console. Anyone remember the Playstation 9 commercial that Sony aired when the PS2 launched? This will be Nintendo's next console. Unfortunately it will be too much like drugs and Congress will ban the day before the next Zelda would come out.

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