what do you think about tv land or nick at nite?


Feb 26, 2002
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nick at nite not as good as it used to be. they don't show any old shows same goes for tv land. their even putting on just shoot me in januray. they show mash. i hate that show .it comes on 4 other stations. they show the same shows over and over aging. nick at nite become fresh prince at nite. thats all they ever show. only show i like on home inrpvoment sometime i watch gerog lopez. i don't care to much for the georg lopez show. i think tv land should be called modern land. what happend to? the odd couple the hooney mooners, mcygver, the a-team, my favorite martian ,dick van dyke or happy days or even get smart.
Not only is Just Shoot Me a fairly modern show, but it wasn't even good. I fail to see why the hell it is getting on the Nick At Nite schedule.

Though, one thing you have to understand is change. They can't just keep showing a show forever. Eventually, it will get replaced by something else. Sooner or later, we won't even be seeing as much Fresh Prince repeats as now, then one day, it will never come on again.
your right. did you know that their going to show scrubs some time in 2008. They should put just shoot me on nick at nite not tvland. I do like fresh prince i can only watch the younger espidoes. i can't stand the older much i only like different epsidoes I think they should show different days. maybe have 1950's day then 1960's and then 1970s or 1980's day.
I only watch Sanford and Son on TV Land. They show a bit too many recent shows for my liking. They need to put F Troop back on as well.
They rarely show stuff from the 80's nowadays, I'm not crazy about Family Ties but I'd love to watch Night Court again.
TV Land still airs the old skool stuff. They air Star Trek, Night Court, Wings, Cheers, The Jeffersons, Sanford & Son, All in the Family, Good Times, The Brady Bunch, The Munsters, Addams Family, Leave It to Beaver, I Love Lucy, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, and Mash.

Now...Nick at Nite is the one thats HORRIBLE. I remember a time when Nick at Nite would air various classics from the `60s, `70s, and `80s. Nowadays they just air Fresh Prince, Home Improvement, and George Lopez.
AmericanLife has become the new old Nick at Nite we all remember.

I only watch Sanford and Son on TV Land. They show a bit too many recent shows for my liking. They need to put F Troop back on as well.

I loved that show. AmericanLife had been running it (along with Adventures of Superman) for a couple of months, maybe a year, before pulling it off the air in November. :csad: They did add Batman, the Green Hornet, Lou Grant & some other shows.

Other shows I hope they add in the future: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Patty Duke Show, The Donna Reed Show, The White Shadow, The Dick Van Dyke Show & a bunch others.
i like to watch old episodes of night court and taxi , i usually do not pursue it but if i happen to catch either of those shows it tends to pull me in . I used to stay up late to watch night court when i was younger on a different channel so it is kind of like a retread if i do it.
Sandford and Son is the only reason I even bother to watch TV land, the rest is either too old or not very interesting enough to warrent watching.

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