What Fanboy are you???

I started out as a Nintendo fanboy. then I went to Sony then Microsoft. My up to date systems are PS3 and 360 so I'm alittle of both Sony and Microsoft fanboy.
Asides from the Xbox Nazism, he's really not. He really does see any non-Microsoft console as crap :o

And that's what the whole post was about. Him being a Xbox Nazi. And WHF really isn't like that at all, he's just doing that because that's the image he puts out.
Where the hell are the four nintendo fanboys on this poll? I don't think I've ever met one :confused:
That guy is not a Nintendo fanboy. He's one of Zenien's soldiers, through and through.
He's always said he likes Nintendo the best, though. :huh:

At least I thought that was him.
Hippie Hunter claims to like Nintendo most, but he's hardcore Sony.

I mean, he actually bought a PS3. Full price.
Maybe. He seems irrationally attached to the idea of an exclusive MGS4 though. That's really all I've talked with him about though, that I remember.
Who knows anymore. He might've been conscripted into Zenien's army while we weren't looking, that's always a possibility.
No, you're just the leader of the Sony Republican Army (SRA). You're like a crazy Irishman -woman, but not.
Zenien is an evil tyrant who must be opposed.
I'm willing to live with that, as long as the love is still there.

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