What if Justice League was made before Avengers? What would happen to The Avengers?

Discussion in 'Marvel's The Avengers' started by smallville fan, Jul 6, 2014.

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    What the title says. And yes I know the Nolan Bat films were happening but that didn't really stop JL: Mortal going forward. Let's just say that we live in the universe where this video ItsJustSomeRandomGuy made years ago happened:


    So basically the Justice League movie franchise happened where they probably went the alien invasion route etc etc and it enjoyed success. What would Marvel do? So I'm basically just asking here is what if the tables were turned? Is there more than one way to make an Avengers film? Especially one which kicks off a mega-franchise like in this universe? Can you imagine The Avengers team formation event movie to follow a vastly different plot and direction than what happens in this universe? If so what would it be?

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    Well...........I dont have much thoughts to this What If Question because DC has done ZERO to get us ready for a JLA.....
    if JLA was rushed before the Avengers plan came together before Iron Man......Marvel would still slowly take the position they have now
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    We could've gotten a relatively smaller, more intimate film from the start-focus on Loki causing big troubles, maybe trying to start a war between nations, maybe involving one of Hulk's or Iron Man's enemies.

    In terms of tone, the only probable difference is the Avengers would be portrayed even more as being misfits.

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