What if "Super Max" was in the Marvel U.?


May 8, 2000
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..."Super Max" being a Green Arrow-based prison action movie being developed..

what if it were for Marvel, though? Maybe Hawkeye could be the lead hero, framed for a crime.. and then, what kinds of villains (B-C lists) could be used?
Daredevil. There's an easy one (probably because they just recently DID do this). I guess Hawkeye could work too if what you meant was taking an archery themed hero and putting him in prison.

Hammerhead, Black Tarantula, , Gladiator, Kingpin, Owl, Bullseye. Those are the guys I immediately think of but I guess I can also see guys like Scorpion, Mr. Fear, Purple-Man, Electro, Diamondback, Tombstone, The Matador, and Kraven.
Yeah, Daredevil's gallery of lesser-known baddies would work great (especially Purple Man- but only go by the name Kilgrave), but I couldn't stand to see a DD movie without DD in costume. It would feel like such a waste to me. I guess that's why Supermax is ok with me - I'm not much of a Green Arrow fan. But to have your favorite super-hero run around in a movie without his costume? I hate that idea. I want the costume! And I want a fairly true representation of it!

Remember Captain America and how mad fans got over seeing Steve Rogers doing all of his "action" scenes in plainclothes and wearing the costume for only about ten minutes of actual screentime? (Not to mention how bad the movie was regardless)

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