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Mar 7, 2005
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What if Superboy and Supergirl fell in love?

I don't think it would've been a problem because Superboy is just a clone and born in a lab, not an actual Kryptonian. And Supergirl was born Kryptonian, and is Superman's cousin so she is family from day one.

If they ever did this, would it been wrong?
Technically they are cousins (or atleast half of Superboy is) so I'd say it would be wrong.

But the question is not really relevant anymore because of Infinite Crisis.

In case you don't know what has happened I'll put it in spoiler tags. If you want to spoil IC for yourself or have already read it the go ahead:

Superboy is dead
They both have blood of the House of El, so I think that would qualify as incest.
I'm a little behind on my Superboy story but wasn't he a clone of the Cadmus director?

I think Supergirl should go with Tim Drake :D
That was what was originally believed but it was recently revealed that it wasn't the Cadmus director's DNA and that it was actually Lex Luthor's DNA that was used.
newmexneon said:
They both have blood of the House of El, so I think that would qualify as incest.

Well, every single human being on Earth must share some ancestry with every other human being, if you go back enough generations. (Ten, a hundred, a thousand, whatevever.) That doesn't automatically make each new marriage an "incestuous" marriage.

If I've got this right, in the current "Reboot" version of Kara Zor-El's origin, she is the daughter of Zor-El, who was the brother of Jor-El, who was Superman's biological father. That makes Supergirl and Superman first cousins.

Superboy has half of Superman's DNA, and half of Lex Luthor's DNA. That makes him the genetic equivalent of Superman's son. As the "son" of her first cousin, Kon-El is Kara Zor-El's "first cousin once removed."

I have the vague idea that in some parts of the world, including some of the United States, it is or previously has been against the rules to marry your own first cousin. (Or sometimes it was okay to marry a first cousin on one side of the family, but not on the other side of the family -- don't ask me why.) I have no idea whether there is any part of the USA, or anywhere else, that currently forbids you to marry your own first cousin once removed. It doesn't sound very incestuous, at any rate.

As a side note: I recently read, in a book about life in medieval Europe, that there was a period in the Middle Ages when the Roman Catholic Church tried to enforce a rule against marrying any relative who was your sixth cousin or anything closer! This created all sorts of problems. For one thing, most people have no idea who their "sixth cousins" are, so they could easily marry a fifth or sixth cousin from another village without even realizing they were related at all! Suppose that ten or twenty years later they find out they are long-lost sixth cousins; now what?

Alternately, some people who basically wanted a "divorce" (called an "annulment") would dig out "proof" - real or forged! - that they were, in fact, long-lost fifth or sixth cousins. Therefore, by Church law, their marriage was incestuous. Therefore, by Church law, they had never been "really married in the eyes of God" at all, whether they thought they were at the time or not! Eventually the Church abandoned the rule entirely in favor of a ban on marrying anybody who was a third cousin or closer, if I have this right. I don't know how successful they were in enforcing that one, either. Nor do I know what the current rule is, according to the Roman Catholic Church.
Point is current supergirl and superboy are too closely related. But knowing the lifespan of any supergirl.............
which Superboy are we talking about here?

Superboy from Earth 1 or Superboy Prime?
It wouldn't technically be wrong, nor illegal, but still...ew.

Besides Superboy's had a Wonder well to tap.
I've actually seen one image of this pair kissing, which is a bit striking to say the least.

I agree with everyone. They are of the same blood.

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