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What is this empty window the Hype keeps opening?

yes, it's been bugging the heck out of me.
What kind of browser are you using?
Yup. I've gotten it twice in 10 minutes. I have Firefox and my pop ups are turned off. I'm getting nervous.
Hum...I'm on firefox and I've never gotten a pop-up like that.
I got it a few times, but it's stopped now (Firefox).
what the hell you talking about? I got FF and no pop up
maybe some of you should do a spyware search?
Wow, chickadee, calm down. I don't have an explanation for it either. It just happened.

I am calm

It's happening to me too. And somethings else, for some reason I sometimes can't scroll down the page, the scrollbar right of the page is even missing.
i've had that issue with firefox and i switched to opera and now i have no popups
Most likely its an Ad, but the ad was badly done and its loading nothing

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