What lines made you crack up out loud?

Discussion in 'The Punisher' started by dmcreif, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Frank's sense of humor is rather twisted and sometimes I find myself laughing out loud from something really messed up.

    What do you think are your funniest moments for you?

    For me, there's:

    * "I'm gonna find a new home for this" - Frank preparing to finish off Lance with the sledgehammer

    * The "Looks like I got here just in time" line Frank said during the SDCC ad for The Defenders. It's not so much the line but the context in which it's said. The trailer made it sound like him showing up to provide aid to another hero. In the actual show, it's how he interrupts Colonel Bennett in the midst of being "punished" by a dominatrix.

    * When Frank and David are driving out west to hunt down Gunner, his "Did you make me one?" after David gives Frank an MRE, before producing a delicious looking sandwich for himself.

    * The "I'm hung like a moose" conversation.

    What are yours?
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    That's the one for me. I was surprised how natural the banter felt in general. It wasn't that forced bs that WB tried to pull with Batman ("I thought she was with you/ Something is definitely bleeding" dafuq :huh:).

    Honorable mention to the sandwich banter too. Another great way to insert humor without compromising the integrity of Frank. He was the straight man, Micro was the funny guy. That's how you humor work's in a dark show. Doesn't have to turn in the Whedon/Gunn comedy hour.

    *"Beat me with my own damn leg" lol - I shouldn't laugh but damn, what a way to go. I'm glad they brought it up in the moment.

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