What ticks you off more: Someone insulting you...or someone insulting your family?


Jul 20, 2005
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I personally don't give a **** if someone talks about me but whenever they get my family involved, paticulary my parents, I kinda lose it.

For some reason, I think a lot of us are like that...I was just wondering if any of you guys/gals shared the same mentality.
I agree... insulting my family just crosses the line.
what did you say about my mamma :mad:
Neither. An insult is another form of envy. I welcome it. It fuels my ego.
Neither. What pisses me off is when people disregard me. Act like i don't exist, or matter. That pisses me off!
My family.

Either way they say something bad about anyone i`ll kick their ass :)
My dog.

Cause when that happens he has no clue whats going on and I feel very sorry for him. :csad:
I don't care if someone insults me, but I do care if someone insults my family.
family but only if said family isnt there,not that id let it go if they were.
:dry: Thought I heard something again. *taps his computer screen* :huh:

*Smacks Won '08 in the face* Can you hear me now?
I love getting insults about myself because it's always fun to make a comeback later.
But when it comes to my family, it's on BEYOTCH! :cmad:
I think it would be more of an insult to talk about my stupid-a$$, lazy, uncaring family.... Wait a minute...

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