What tone should this new franchise go for?


Jun 15, 2006
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Simply put: Should this movie be more in tone to Trank's last(only) film or more like The Avengers or perhaps since it's going to be in continuity with the X-Men franchise it should be more in tone to that? And what tone works best for the FF?

I'm not entirely sure just where in the spectrum it should fall but I doubt a tone like Chronicle would work for the FF.

Perhaps something along the lines of MIB.

Sound off, FF fans.
I think it should be similar to Avengers, but Avengers had some unique elements that would be hard to capture.

I'd say something that has elements of Avengers, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings - an epic fantasy adventure that is generally serious with high stakes but some humor related to the characters and their interactions.

Men in Black is too campy in my opinion.
The first one felt more modern-ish in feel and characters. This was mostly because instead of tackling the superhero lifestyle it was more a celebrity/social type deal. I would like this one to be a more sci-fi Avengers feel while leaving time for some relationship/social moments. It should focus less on the celeb stuff and leave more time for the superheroics and sciences. Not as whimsical as Avengers, but still with the feel of it with more sci-fi elements for me.
Grand pulp adventure. Optimistic and full of wonder.
:ff:as i mentioned in the villians thread the ff consider themselves explorers more than crimefighters so the tone might be"rraiders of the lost ark"{with super-powers
I enjoyed Chronicle but I want the tone of this movie to be fun and not so serious/grim.
It should feel more like a family drama.
Grand pulp adventure. Optimistic and full of wonder.

I second that. Although I hope there is little bit of realism like throwing in the X competition; you know the competition to get up the first orbiting space vehicle made by civilians. It would be the perfect thing to start off the origin.

I hope it's classic and nothing Ultimate.
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I would like to see something akin to deadly serious. I wouldn't mind a little shock value in the next FF. Not so over the top cornball like the first film. The 2nd film's tone was much better in fact. This reboot would be a great opportunity to get a good portrayal of Reed, the scientist. Ioan Gruffudd is a wonderful actor, but the Reed/Sue pushover dynamic has been done to death. We should get confidence from Reed this go round as well as a good actor for Sue. I want to see a real actress tackle Sue Storm and a much better script.
I'd like a cross between First Class and Avengers.

First Class had this cool feeling of being the ground level of an epic struggle with larger future implications. Avengers was all about fun, action and quirky characters.
go epic or not at all! the film must be 2.5 hours at the shortest! Lots of character exposition! Lots of action! No lengthy origins! Put off Doom until next time!
I want this movie to feel like a Jonny Quest episode: trippy, mysterious, and full of wonder. A serious tone, but with good humored characters.
I'd like a cross between First Class and Avengers.

First Class had this cool feeling of being the ground level of an epic struggle with larger future implications. Avengers was all about fun, action and quirky characters.

Yeah a mix of those two would be great!
A mix between Avengers and Star Trek, because the F4 deal a lot with the new and unknown. The fact that they did not do this in the previous movies was really disappointing. The F4 can be so good exploring unknown places with weird and unusual creatures, it has the potential to be its own universe without even touching the X-Men. I just want them back at Marvel no way can FOX do them justice. :csad:
I agree with the Avengers and Star Trek idea that would really be perfect. Like everyone is saying the FF are explorers first, super heroes second.
The tone? Like the best ST:TNG eps with a plot that's action adventure driven and posts some philosophical questions about life the universe and everything. The Baxter Building is the epicenter of tech and research on the East Coast. None of this Reed is an uncool nerd crap. He's handsome, witty, rich and respected. He holds court at the BB with the likes of Michio Kaku and N.D. Tyson, who come to pick his brain about various things. He's Tony Stark without the *****ieness. The sense is that Reed is often called in by the Executive branch to handle things beyond the scope of the CIA/FBI, NASA and NSA. I stress "called in". There's no strong arming by a general In this film. Sue should not be a scientist, but she is smart and cunning. She handles Reed's schedule and keeps the whole operation afloat. She grounds Reed in the everyday and runs the FF's philanthropic enterprises. Without her, the everything would fall apart. Ben is as he's always been. Noble yet tortured. Yet he's the most accessible of the 4. He's like the quintessential NYC celeb in some ways. People and media outlets wait around the Baxter Building just to catch a glimpse of him, even if it's for morbid curiousity. He's on a first name basis with every sidewalk food vendor in midtown, and tries to maintain as normal a life as he can, including wearing normal clothing, sometimes to humorous affect. Johnny is a kid, 17-20 tops. He's a Justin Beiber type teen heart throb, and to say that strokes his ego is an understatement. He's doesn't act stupid, but he is flippant. There is a difference between the two. He hassles Ben because he feels for the big lug. So when Ben is down he razzes him and plays pranks to take his mind off things, not because he is cruel, but because as a young and immature person he has nothing else in his emotional toolbox yet. To sum up, overall, the FF should be a pocket of Kennedy era 60's cool in a 21st century world.
I'd like to see a Prometheus type feel with superheroes who become a family because they face unimaginable threat together.
The tone of Jack Kirby's stories, it's full of fantastic settings but knows when to be serious.

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