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What TV actors do you think should be in movies?


Life is infinite
Jan 31, 2011
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Basically some actors I feel like they're passed over for film roles and are "regulated" to just TV roles for the most part. Which actors do you believe should and could make the leap?

The actors that come to my mind are:

Jensen Ackles
Michael Rosenbaum
Kyle Gallner
Amy Acker (At least should be in more films - Could play Janet Van Dyne in some form of the Marvel Movies)
James Purefoy should be in everything. He stole every scene of Rome he appeared in, and considering that Rome was one of the best shows ever.. yeah.
after seeing super hot Sarah Shahi in bullet to the head I would love to see her do more films.
Michael Rosenbaum definitely!

Matthew Fox
Michael Emerson
Bryan Cranston (more)
Terry O'Quinn
Walton Goggins
Michael Chiklis
Aaron Paul
Jennifer Morrison
Hugh Laurie
Robert Carlysle
Charlie Hunnam (we'll see with Pacific Rim)
Glenn Howerton
Juilan McMahon
Dylan Walsh
Chloe Sevigny
Michael C Hall
Alexander Skaarsgard (still upset he isn't Thor)
Giancarlo Esposito
John Krazynski
Joel Mchale
Donald Glover
Ryan Kwanten
Michael Pitt
David Duchovny
Ian Hart

I could probably keep going but I'm gonna leave it at this for now lol
Oh! And totally Jennifer Carpenter, she needs more than horror movies definitely
imo i want to see Mark Pellegrino to do film dude is amazing
Meh. None. If I like an actor, I'd rather see them on a weekly basis than anything.
I like TV better than movies, so I tend to agree, but there are people I believe to be deserving of "Movie Star" status. And they include:

Jon Hamm
Ian McShane
Bryan Cranston
Kristen Bell
Amy Acker
Philip Winchester
Emmy Rossum
Romola Garai
James Purefoy

Of course, almost all of them have been in movies; I just wish they'd get bigger/better roles on the big screen than they've gotten thus far.
Missy Peregrym is a big one for me. Does one dodgy film and is resigned to TV roles.
Missy Peregrym is a big one for me. Does one dodgy film and is resigned to TV roles.

Haven't seen her since she did that TV show Reaper, which was a good show.
I reckon Ryan Corr (Australian actor) and Iwan Rheon (UK actor from Misfits) will be both huge actors some day.

for me it has got to be michael c hall he is just as good as a cranston and a hamm and they constantly get film work
Definitely Garrett Dillahunt. The man can do comedy and drama. He's phenomenal
Nathan Fillion
I think he could make good Punisher material

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