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what type of villain you prefer in the 4kids cartoon, Bishop or Shredder/Ch'rell.


Apr 2, 2012
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Bishop who wanted to saved earth but used extreme method.

Ch'rell who was psychopath and wanted power.
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I'm gonna go with Ch'rell. He was just unrepentantly unadulterated evil. But Bishop was one of the most interesting villians the series had. At first, it was this aura of mistery, also his fighting skills, and the added bonus of being a goverment agent.
I gotta go with Ch'rell also. He was nothing but pure evil. Bishop did unscrupulous things because he felt that he needed to in order to protect the public from the unknown. He did manage to redeem his actions in " Fast Forward " when he became the President.
Bishop is my choice
I like them more human

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