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What was the last movie you watched? Part 2

Licence To Kill

When compared to other 007 films, this one was not a big hit. And it wasn’t helped that it was released among other mega hits of 1989 like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Batman and others, but I think it is one of the better Bond films because of Dalton’s gritty real world performance, and Robert Davi is an excellent charming and sinister villain.


Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse

I'm not a big fan of Teen Titans Go! but the Gen 2 version of DC Super Hero Girls cracks me up and they're on form here. 7.5/10

This is another one I'd never seen before , but is an excellent , psychological horror flick imo.

This film continues my on again off again marathon of 1970s horror flicks / films after Late Night With The Devil and The First Omen have gotten me into a 1970s state of mind. :cool: .

This film features the late Karen Black , who was a bit before my time, but I'm rapidly becoming of fan of :swoon: after seeing her in Trilogy Of Terror and Airport 1975.

I'm gonna check more of her work out.

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