What was the last movie you watched? Part 2


I highly enjoyed this. It's Fincher at a great form, and a performance from Fassbender I haven't experienced since quite a while. Just only hearing Fassbender's protaganist constantly pedantly narrating how everything should work out through his missions is truly fascinating. And when things goes unexpected it gets of course on a higher level.

Even though we don't get to know the backround of the protagonist we automatically try to figure him out through his narrative and actions, and I love that. Btw, I totally LMAO'd at his sudden comment about reality show Storage Wars, unexpected but perfectly fitting this character, as there is some occassional dry humour here as well.

The pace is slow but never bored me since Fincher and Fassbender made sure to get me envolved here. Since I was aware that Tilda Swinton would be involved, I kinda wished we'd see more of her, but her short performance was truly glorious IMO. And having to endure all these bloody The Smiths songs - I was soo happy at one point that Glory Box by Portishead suddenly appeared as a very welcome break. ( :o :o :o )
Jack's Back (1988)

James Spader stars as twin brothers, one of whom is trying to clear the other who he believes has been framed for a series of Los Angeles murders exactly mimicking those of Jack the Ripper (can't give any more detail - it would spoil the first half-hour). It's very '80s', both in look and soundtrack; but it's stylish and the performances are good - especially Spader, and Robert Picardo as a consultant psychologist assisting the police. Nice to see Chris Mulkey (Twin Peaks) as one of the investigating detectives. Cynthia Gibb is sadly underwhelming as a work colleague of one 'Spader', and love interest of the other. Producer Cassian Elwes cameos as a pimp (and looks like he's having fun). Not bad (although it does have the feel of a TV movie). 6/10
The Boy and the Heron


Miyazaki's darkest film in quite some time. Would be a fantastic send-off for him but I doubt that old crank is going to retire anytime soon.


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