What was the last TERRIBLE movie(s) you saw? - Part 1

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Some awful thing called "You and the Night," a French sex comedy, supposedly. Great soundtrack by M83 with artists like John Maus, but awful, awful "art" film.
The Counselor

It's not so terrible it's unwatchable, but it's boring which is sad considering the director and cast. Not terrible on all levels, but terrible on the ones that count.
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

That was worse than I expected. Great for a laugh, but really awful.
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I really wanted to stop the movie after 10 seconds, but I guess I like to torture myself.

There's maybe one or two funny scenes in the movie...okay, I'm lying, it's just one...but anyway, it's not worth it, people! Save your time and money.
Are You Here, Life of Crime, and God's Pocket. All disappointing.
You're Next. ****ing horrible.
Altergeist on Pay-Per-View.

What a steaming pile of..
Ride Along. (The first 20 mins at least, couldn't ride along any longer.)
The Internship, I have a trial run on NowTV and it was on there so I gave it a go, I made a mistake.

Predictable, cliché, cheesey and at certain points down right embarrasing to watch, I'm glad I was alone watching it.
Pain and Gain. Holy **** Bay.
Ninja Turtles and the new Transformers. Couldn't finish either.

I'm a fan of the franchise, but holy ****....what a let down. I posted a scathing negative review on the offical facebook pages at the *****e bags censored me and deleted it.
Really? It was definitely a bit of a hodgepodge of different things but I ultimately found it very entertaining.

I gave it a 5/10, there were things that I did like about it. But overall it felt like a disappointment to me.
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