What would you do if ___ got you pregnant?


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Dec 31, 2005
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A muscleforsupes production.

As some of you know, muscles had his thread making taken away for a while, he asked me to make this for him. The idea is...think of people and things, and what you would think/do if you discovered you were carrying their little demon spawn.

What would it be like to be Uncle Jesse's babymaker? Have a little mutant with Falcor?

"Having babies is always such a production."

Argh, yes I said "wold." :cmad::csad:

Edit- Thanks Fire. :heart:
I would cry if I got Pregnant. I mean, it would be very weird. With my place in life right now. I, I...

I mean, I'm a dude. So, if I got pregnant. I would probably try to make money on it.
I have accepted the fact that I could never carry someone's child...:csad:

Now you are opening up old wounds....
Think of the process of making babies... *mind wanders*
What if your parents said,
"Who's the Father?! :cmad: Is it Gigan, Baragon, Megalon or Minya ?!?!? Which one is it?! :cmad:"

And you said, "............I don't know. :("

Well, who are supposed to wonder about getting us pregnant? :huh:

There's no starting person.
Think of the process of making babies... *mind wanders*


If I got pregnant, I'd alert the media. Within the week, I'd be an instant millionaire.

Oh, and then I'd totally abort the bastard. :o
What if Tom Selleck got you pregnant?
Well, I'd do what I did with my current little tyke. Love the little critter and let the whole world know it.
my partner is fully aware that she is getting pushed down the stairs if she gets pregnant.
threads like this are probably why. :dry:
Yeah. We shouldn't allow any threads like this. The Hype isn't for fun and silliness.

Why can't we have more and more and more talk about horrifying, depressing, redundant news stories from news sites, like

Man faces murder charge for giving woman abortion pills
Three boys, 8 and 9, charged with raping 11-year-old girl
Cop sues family after slipping at their home during baby rescue
Police: Boy Says He Killed Parents Because He Let Them Down
Man drowns neighbor's kitten in barrel, says he was attacked
Driver, 85, fined $500 after killing 8-year-old boy
Man burns down trailer in online feud
Pre-teen girls kidnap boy, demand $200,000 ransom

See, that's what we need more of.....dark, depressing links to news sites to remind us that humanity is repulsive and living on planet Earth is a f***ing nightmare.

The belly jiggle says only one thing: "I am SHOCKED!"
LMAO!! You are so very observant, sir. Did you also see the look on her face? She's happily eating... whatever she's eating... and it seems like as soon as she takes a bite... POOF! There's the baby!!! I think that's a miracle rice cake (laced with fast-acting Panda sperm?)!

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