Superman Returns What would you have added if you were in charge of the trailer?

The shirt rip is the only thing I would have added, AND MAYBE another scene with Superman and Lex.
mine would of gone:

Open with the shot panning closer to Iceland.
-Shot of lois from trailer-“lets start with the big question-whered you go?”
-Shot from teaser of pod going through rocky valley.
-shot of Martha driving up from final trailer, with “you father used to say, you were here for a reason. The world could always use more reporters.”whilewe see superman jumping over cornfield, and pan up dailyplanet.
-shot of clark from theatrical trailer.
-the BUILD UP music begins.
-superman flys past the smoke trail in the sky
-a crowd looks up
-superman flys in a blur down the street
-newsroom-“I wanna know it all” part.
- people look up to the sky and pointmusic reaches climax
-montage of action shots-shot from coke commercial with superman flying down the street- monorail burst through gates, superman flys upwards towards a space shuttle. Superman flies through a burning building, superman flys by the sun shot from final trailer.
-the music calms down now. Lois and superman on rooftop-“how could you leave me”ect. Part. They fly upwards.
-The group in perry white’s office; jimmy chimes in about lex, whp white says is old news.
-luthor walks through a set of doors. “I don’t think so”.
-superman flys overhead
-“youre bald”-“cute kid-come with me”
-“whats wrong?”-‘lois and jimmy are gone”:
-shirt rip-
-“youll kill million-“billions!”
-superman turns and looks back-explosions/ground shakes in metropolis
-“who can stop me now?”-luthor, smiling down on supermans watery grave.
-The final part of the score begins
-a huge ship crashes over a wave.
-superman flys
-luthor holds his arms up shot from trailer
-superman lifts a car over his head
-lands hard with a thud on the ground of new krypton
-the bullet riddle supermans chest and bounce off
-the plane flys by the screen-superman in hot pursuit-lois thrown-
-superman flys into the camera-
-bullets slam into cops cars
-luthor-“your not going to wanna miss this”.
-sueprman flys up to the wing-it breaks off, hits us-cut to
-music stops
I loved full trailer, but I would like to include some shots too.

At first, I would like it to be 2:39.

And I would like full traielr to have also these shots:
- Clark on the farm
- Kal-El spaceship
- Earthquakes
- More plane sequenc shots
- Richard White
- Ocean sequence

I think thats all what can I say.
More Superman and Clark with respective lines.
All the stuff that was in the showest trailer including the shirt-rip.
this is not so much what I would add, but rather, something that I would change, and someone else that would be fired or demoted in the F/X department.

the shot of Superman landing in the fortress. The hard landing. Now I know I'm being nit picky, but of all the shots in the trailer, that is the one that stands out the most as just looking WRONG. In the shot, superman's legs bend, making him look all 'monkey' like. The conceptual idea for the shot is worthwhile, but the way they make it work on screen just doesn't look right.

Superman's legs wouldn't bend like that. The ground would move out of his way for his landing, ei. he would leave a crator, not cracks in the ice/crystal. I think the Cartoon handled shots like this much better, and I hope it's one of the things they revise in the final weeks.

I mean it just doesn't look right, from the unatural movement, to the strange hunched position he is in upon landing.

other than that, the only thing I'd change in the trailer is that I would have tired to intergrate some of the teaser trailer into the full trailer. The teaser had this deep feeling, especially with the monologue, and the krypton theme playing. But this seemed to be lost in the full trailer I think an integration of the two previews would have worked better. Add the depth of the teaser, with the fun and frolic of the full preview, and I think it would have worked out better.

And lastly, I'd just like to say, that there have been a lot of fan trailers that worked better than this preview, which feels like it was pieced together, rather than being one coherent unit, like the teaser was.

PS. Can't wait to see what the fan trailer boys can do with all this new material at their disposal. Hope that some new fan trailers come out soon, because I'd like to see someone take the material that we have now, and reorganize it into a better trailer
more scenes with the munchkin of course. he'd have been funny and lightened up the trailer instead of making it all depressing.

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