What would you have changed in the MCU films?

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    I have been thinking about what I would've changed in each MCU movie so far and this is where I got to (when I say I wouldn't change anything it's because the movies are not terrible and add something to the MCU):

    Iron Man I wouldn't have killed Raza and the 10 Rings and set them up for the next Iron Man movies.
    The Incredible Hulk Other than the obvious issue of Ed Norton, Betty Ross should've died preferably during the scene at the college campus. It would've saved them dealing with that storyline going forward (not that they ever did).
    Iron Man 2 Different movie with the 10 Rings as the main baddies possibly following the same storyline of trying to develop their own suit with the help of Hammer. I wouldn't change a thing about Tony's storyline.
    Thor Not a lot wrong actually
    Captain America: The First Avenger Not a lot wrong actually
    The Avengers Perfect
    Iron Man 3 Different movie again building on the 10 Rings and introducing the actual Mandarin who would have harnessed Chitauri technology with some explanation as to how Iron Man was going to be able to go toe to toe with Thanos
    Thor: The Dark World Same movie just done a lot better and possibly with Jane Foster killed or something happening with her when she becomes the host to the Aether
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier The same movie except Fury should've died and been replaced with Hill going forward
    Guardians of the Galaxy Perfect.
    Avengers: Age of Ultron Done much better and Hawkeye doesn't have a family and Quicksilver from Fox who survives!
    Ant-Man I actually wouldn't change anything except maybe having more Avengers at the compound!
    Captain America: Civil War Perfect
    Doctor Strange Better explanation of where magic came from, possibly by touching on the multiverse and why we hadn't seen it so far..
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Ego sort of ruins everything by being ridiculously overpowered compared to anything we have seen so far but without much consequence.
    Spider-Man: Homecoming Needed a better baddy.
    Thor: Ragnarok Perfect
    Black Panther Perfect
    Avengers: Infinity War Beyond perfect
    Ant-Man and the Wasp No real comment which I suppose is a bad thing meaing I was not that engaged.
    Captain Marvel With Fury coming back would've been a real pay off after Winter Soldier and Ronin needed to be given proper screen time and put up a proper fight.
    Endgame Hopefully Dark World would've been a better pay off if the movie was better and Potts should've been nowhere near the final battle but given a proper chance to say goodbye to Stark (she could've been magicked in by Dr Strange at the end of the battle)
    Spider-Man: Far From Home It's just a silly movie. I think it just needs to be a completely different movie
    Black Widow Again a completely different movie. For me I wouild've started in the pocket dimension in the Soul Stone where Romanoff is forced to revisit different moments in her life from her childhood to indoctrination to being turned. It'd be a pyhschological drama, stripped down except for thre fantasy of the Soul Stone world. If her sister needs to be introduced as a character she could've been brought in at the end as an erased memory which allows her to find closure.
    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Whilst he's working as a valet Tony Stark pulls up and Shang-Chi doesn't recognise him. Tony Stark is just an arms dealer. We're in a parallel universe where the rest of the MCU never happened. The rest of the film carries on as normal without any MCU baggage.
    Eternals This should've been set centuries before the MCU kicked off (saves the explanations about Endgame), brought back Thanos and provided his backstory and provided a backstory for how earth became such a special place with so many superheroes. This would've set up the MCU to be able to move back in time to get away from the "noise" of the first three phases and develop characters properly. Black Knight and Blade could've been introduced centuries before the MCU.
    Spider-Man: No Way Home Havne't seen it yet!

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