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Jan 16, 2006
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A. in the movie green goblin teams up with spider-man to take out Sandman and Venom?

or B. after Harry does something horrible to peter in the height of it all where he's got spider-man trapped right where he wants him.
"Good job Harry" says a voice, they all look including harry, to see Norman Osborn wearing his original goblin suit, but the mask is off of course.

"Dad your alive" says harry. Harry and nomran talk for a minute, while he expalins how he's been alive this whole time, and then NOrman is going to kill spider-man who is helpless for some reason while Harry watches and Mj is nearby.

Mj is there because she was kidnapped or something, and she starts talking to Harry. "You can't let him do this" and harry says "he's my father"

"you hated peter because you thought he killed your father, but he didn't kill your father. your father's alive, and not only that but he let his own son attend his funeral and belive him to be dead this whole time, when he could have beent here for you. He turned you against your best friend. he tried to kill me, aunt may, peter, and even you. and now look what he turned you into harry? this isn't you."

and in the heat of the moment harry sacrifices himself to save peter, and kill his own father, and then does the "i did it for you pete, because you were always my best friend"
Norman is dead...we saw the spikes go through his body...no one could have survived that...he is dead.
50 cent got shot in the chest 5 times and he survived. people have survived worst in real life, why couldn't a guy with a performance enhancing serum survive?

or like in the comic book, whiole he was healing his body went into a hybernative state for a few hours, which appeared dead, and he woke up at the morgue, and replaced his body with somebody elses. the mortician who has never seen norman before wouldn't realize the difference. that guy could end up creamated instead of NOrman, and nobody would know.
it was 9 times, and some were in his head, lol,
but yeah Norman is dead, and I dont want Harry and spidey teaming up so option "neither" gets my vote
only if Norman is a zombie, and he wants to make bread out of Peter's bones......
Spider-Bite said:
or like in the comic book, whiole he was healing his body went into a hybernative state for a few hours, which appeared dead, and he woke up at the morgue, and replaced his body with somebody elses. the mortician who has never seen norman before wouldn't realize the difference. that guy could end up creamated instead of NOrman, and nobody would know.
Which is a dumb idea...He has performance enhancers, not regeneration. The man got stabbed in the stomach with two huge blades...he bleed from his mouth. He is dead. That is one thing that can only work in the comics.
Harry and Sandman should team up, and Venom should kill them both at the end.:venom:
that would rule
I don't know why so many people hated this idea... I know the comic die hard wanted to see a Goblin killing MJ but it clearly doesn't work at this point... luckily they got it right... other than rushing Venom and the GG suit itself...
I'm going to go with "B" but realistically, it's a little to long for a plot device. :spidey:
My version of the final battle. I typed it awhile ago. I want him to do this, and die like this.

Green Goblin II and Sandman have both been defeated in the past and

decided to team up and take down Spider-Man. Harry has seen Peter and

Gwen hanging out lately and knew she was important to him. He knew

kidnapping her would make him come. He didn’t want to kidnap Mary Jane

because he still liked her.

Peter has just gotten rid of the Symbiote in the church where Eddie

Brock was and the Symbiote went to Eddie. Happy of getting rid of the alien

substance, Peter returns to his Apartment taking off his Spider-Man mask and

notices 2 messages on his machine. He checks the earliest one and it’s Gwen

asking if they could go on a date sometime that week. (Peter had broken up

with Mary Jane) Peter smiles and checks the next one before calling her back

with a “yes“. The next message we hear Gwen in the back round screaming

and yelling “Help!” as Green Goblin II says “You’ve taken my father’s life and

it’s time you’ve realized the pain! His voice gets deeper and more sinister.

“Meet me here at her apartment by 7:29 because her life ends a minute

after…” Goblin chuckles and then the phone clicks. Peter’s smile died when he

had heard the message. He wasn’t going to let somebody else die. The clock

read 7:22. He quickly puts his mask back on. We see the outside sky. Dark,

the sun is setting and there’s a pinkish purple color in the sky along with some

red. Spider-Man swings out the window and swings very fast to her


Inside Gwen’s apartment there’s a balcony with two open doors. The

wind is blowing the curtains. We see a close up of Green Goblin’s face looking

down at Gwen who we can see reflecting in his eyes. Gwen is tied up in a

chair with a few bruises and scratch marks on her from trying to get away

from the Goblin. She had fallen into a few things while running earlier. Gwen

asks with a scared deep voice, “Why are you doing this to me?” “Revenge.

It‘s all revenge.” Harry replied. The clock read 7:28 and then Harry slowly

pulled out a sword from his belt. Gwen looks terrified.

Spider-Man came through the open balcony windows and landed on the

floor. “Let her go! You don‘t understand what happened!” (About his father)

he yelled. As Spider-Man said that there was sand pouring through a vent

onto the floor. Spider-Man’s Spider Sense went off but he didn’t move in time

to dodge Sandman’s enlarged arm smacking him out the window through a

skylight of another building. Spider-Man lands on top of a desk crushing it. It

looks like an office building. Sandman pours through the broken sky light and

piles up on the floor making himself. Spider-Man gets up and hits him. His fist

went through Sandman not doing any harm. Sandman fell on top of him as

sand and then his face formed in it. (Like the cover when he first appeared in

a comic) He was weighing Spider-Man down, then Spider-Man rolled out of it

and rolled into a water dispenser. The big jug on top of it hit the floor hard

and exploded. Water went everywhere. Sandman screamed and shielded his

eyes as if he was afraid of it. Spider-Man saw that he didn’t like water.

Before he could do anything else Sandman made his hand into a hammer and

hit Spider-Man out a window and into a construction site.

Spider-Man got up struggling as if something was pushing on his back.

He was just knocked out of a tall building. The ground was dirt and there was

some construction equipment around along with a metal frame building.

Sandman came down from building in sand and blended in with the dirt there.

Green Goblin also arrived on his glider with a cackle. He threw a bomb and it

exploded weakening the steel building frame on the building that was being

built. Spider-Man stood up and shot a web at the frame building taking himself

to it. Then got to the very top by using jumps and webs. He perched at the

top as Green Goblin pulled out a small sword from his belt heading towards

Spider-Man. Spider-Man lunged himself at him in the air and landed with him

on top of his glider. Spider-Man punched Goblin in the face once then Goblin

cut his leg stunning Spider-Man for a second then pushed him off. Spider-Man

shot a web and prevented a very painful fall while hitting the ground. Goblin,

meanwhile, didn’t notice the frame building ahead of him. He tried moving out

of the way but the left end of his glider hit it showering sparks everywhere.

The glider landed hardly on the ground making Goblin fall off onto the ground.

Spider-Man got up and sand started swirling around him. In a annoyed voice

Spider-Man said “Oh crap.” then Sandman hit him to the floor. Sandman was

towering above Spider-Man who was leaning against a pile of dirt. Spider-Man

remembered the water dispenser inside the building and how the water

frightened Sandman. Spider-Man saw a wheel against a wall in the

construction site and looked behind Sandman where he saw a pipe dripping

with water. He knew this was perfect. He shot a web at the wheel then

pulled. Water shot out from the pipe hitting Sandman. Spider-Man got up,

punched Sandman a few times and noticed it was harming him because

Sandman’s expressions looked like he was being hurt. The water shut off

because it was out and needed to be pumped again. Spider-Man’s vision was

a little blurry from the water spraying on his lenses. He did see Sandman

looking almost normal again though, but not enough to fight. Spider-Man was

hit by an unknown figure into a pile of bricks. A black blur lands on the ground

in front of Sandman making a little dust come around it’s feet. We see a close

up of sharp teeth with a tongue come at the screen very fast. Then we see

Venom’s mouth take a big chunk out of Sandman. Sandman looks frightened

at its looks and what it did. He melts to the floor in sand and goes down a

drain. We see who it was. Venom. He looks like the comic version and is

about the same size as Spider-Man but his arms are a little bigger. He has the

evil white eyes and sharp teeth with a long tongue. He looks scary. He saw

Harry over there lying on the floor but didn’t think he would get up. Venom looks

ticked and excited as we hear some bricks hitting the ground. He turns

around to the big pile of bricks where he hit Spider-Man and smiles.

Spider-Man comes up in a hurry making dust fly everywhere. His mask is

ripped off and his head is visible, his costume has some tears in it. He couldn’t

see two feet ahead of him. All of a sudden Venom lunges through the dust

towards the camera with his arms reached out and his teeth and tongue

showing. He tackles Spider-Man and they slide in the ground. Venom is on top

of Spider-Man showing his teeth smiling. He says “Remember us?!” then uses

his claws to dig in to Spider-Man’s stomach. Spider-Man gives a terrifying

scream and we see a painful look on his face. Saliva is dripping on Spider-Man

from Venom’s mouth. Venom is still smiling as he pulls his hand out of his

stomach with blood on it. Spider-Man looks at the face in horror. Venom’s

face pulls back to show Eddie’s. “Eddie?!” Spider-Man asked in surprise. “NO!”

Venom yelled while making the Symbiote come back over his face. He throws

Spider-Man to the ground near the frame building. Venom screamed at him as

he walked towards him. “You ruined my life, took my girlfriend, (Gwen) got me

fired from my job, and took my home away from me!” Venom picks up

Spider-Man with both hands around his neck as he says “But now you’re

gonna’ pay! From now on we are poison to you!” He throws Spider-Man

against the frame building as he says “We are VENOM!”

Venom comes up to Spider-Man who is getting up. He grabs him by the

neck with his left hand and pins him against the wall. He leans his head in six

inches away from Spider-Man’s face. His tongue is close to his face too.

Venom puts his tongue in and snarls. In a really low menacing voice he says

“I wanna’ eat your brains…” Venom punches Spider-Man twice in the face

with his right hand really hard. The blows sound painful. He then shoves his

knee into Spider-Man’s stomach. Venom throws Spider-Man to one of the

lower frames and jumps up on it next to Spider-Man. He kicks Spider-Man’s

face knocking it into the air and punches it while it‘s in the air. A long thin

tentacle comes out of his hand. Venom swings his arm smacking Spider-Man

with it. We see Harry look at the fight and sees that Venom is doing this to

his best friend. Harry realizes that he himself has been wrong doing this the

whole time. Harry decides to help his friend. Spider-Man tries to hit Venom

but Venom catches his fist then twists it making a cracking noise. Spider-Man

screams. His wrist is hurt, not broken. Venom holds his fist in the air about

to do the finishing blow, he snarls then says, “Burn in Hell.” Venom’s fist flies

towards Spider-Man’s gut but Harry comes between Spider-Man and Venom

taking the blow. Venom’s arm goes through Harry’s chest and we see a spray

of blood. Spider-Man is shocked. Harry falls to the frame and lies there barely

alive. Venom smiles. Spider-Man is ticked and remembers the bell at the

church. He jumps to the floor and Venom follows him. Spider-Man grabs a

metal bar as Venom is coming towards him and hits the frame making a

clanging sound. Venom holds his ears and screams. “What’s happening?!” he

yells. Spider-Man does it three more times and sees the Symbiote going wild

on Venom then it slides off revealing Brock. Spider-Man catches him as he

falls. He puts him on the floor and webs him there. The Symbiote slides

through a crack in a building escaping.

Spider-Man quickly jumps to where Harry is and sees that he’s barely

alive. He asks Harry, “Can you hear me?!” and tears are coming to Peter’s

eyes. Harry makes a smile and says, “Pete, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I

was wrong *coughs up a little blood* to blame my father’s death on you. I’m

so sorry” “Harry?!” Peter cries out. “No! Somebody help!” Harry smiles “Bye

Pete.” and closes his eyes leaving nothing but a empty body. Peter holds

Harry close to him and cries.

The End.
Then we just see the end of the movie, what happens with Gwen, some other stuff and after that the credits.
C. We don't decide, because we don't have a say in the matter. :o
how is norman alive?

there is NO explanation.
Norman even had a casket in the last scene of the movie.

No characters coming back from the dead, please. I never liked it in the comics and I definitely don't want to see it in the movie.

Besides, not even 50 Cent could survive being impaled through the abdominal artery. No, not even 50 Cent on performance enhancers.
yeah casket means his gutz were taking out meaning if he didnt die from the blades he sure died from having all his organs removed. That is unless he comes back a zombie and becomes smart ala Bub the zombie.
The Punisher said:
I'll like whatever Raimi has in mind.
Spider-Man the musical starring Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick.
webhead731 said:
Norman even had a casket in the last scene of the movie.


they do that when a person is creamated. they still have a casket and a funeral.

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