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What would your perfect comic be like?


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Mar 15, 2012
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What kind of things would make up your vision of a perfect comic?

Types of Characters powers? looks? personalities? origins?

Setting: time, place, mood...

What would be the story main point, would it be character, place or event centered?

Medium: Hardcover books? Comics? Digital?

levels of violence or mature content

Art styles?
Three overarching time periods:

The Dark: A time when magic was common place, as were magical creatures. It would end with something like the myth of St. Patrick on a large scale: the sundering of the world. It would separate the Mundane world from The Dark world.

The Present: A mirror of our history in a fictional world.

The Future: A time after the Dark reintegrated with the Mundane world.

Magical creatures from the Dark:

Changeling/Hedonist Elves-They're all for experimenting/integrating nature with the Goblins' mechanical constructs. The Elves vary in size, from seven to ten feet tall. They have hinged jaws with teeth the size and length of a syringe needle. Their body produces an aersol hormone that causes their natural enemies to see them as a poisonous fungus; humans see them as paragons of sexuality.

Elves have no skin as we see it; rather raw, striated muscle; their veins are their primary weapons. Their veins can pierce the flesh of the living and dead to drain the Prim from the dead/still beating hearts. This is a source of magic. A "spark of life" that allows an adept to bring something into being relative to the amount of Prim they have.

Dragon-worshiping Goblins who are masters at engineering and metaphysics. The Elves are their enemies only because the Elves believe the Goblins' theology is a hindrance to their brilliance.

Dragons-Inscrutable cosmic entities that look like the lovechildren of Lovecraftian beasts (NOT Cthulhu; there's plenty more in the Lovecraft Mythos to pick from!).

Trolls-Custodians of the natural world who are at odds with the Elves.They believe in preserving the natural world and maintaining the Cycle of Time.

That is what I got. You could tell a high fantasy or sword-n-sorcery tale set in The Dark or The Future. You could tell hardboiled noir, crime thrillers or gangster epics in The Present. The tone can be whatever it needs to be.

I'd want print. Gotta support the brick-and-mortar stores.

I've already copyrighted this stuff; Donut Steal unless you've got the $$$ for court.
I'm mostly buying digital or collected/omnibus editions these days. I've only got so much shelf space and I prefer reading entire story arcs at once rather than waiting for each chapter once a month.

My preferred genres are horror and dark fantasy. So...

I'd love to see a new comic series based on the Vampire: the Masquerade RPG. Maybe written by Greg Stolze or Steve Niles. Art by Mike Mignola or Stephan Sejic. A grittier and darker series than the one Moonstone did, focusing on the conflict between the different factions over Domain and the degeneration of the character's Humanity.

Another RPG that would make for a great comic would be Little Fears, which is about little kids fighting monsters that adults don't even know are there.

http://comics.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?x=0&y=0&artist=Stjepan Sejic
I love What if? and Elseworlds. I'd like to see other companies do them like walking dead and Invincible.

Or just more crime superhero stuff like Powers or Top 10. I love that stuff.
Hmm, I like Batman so much, and the new The Shadow is also amazing. So it would definitely be a dark noir-esque comic. I think the main character should have a super power, though. But it should be something that the main character doesn't normally have in comic books, or maybe even a power that is pretty rare in comic books. It's hard to think of one that hasn't been done to death...I like intangibility. There's quite a few things you can do with that, having the character gradually learn to walk through walls, float/fly, etc. Villains should be mobster-esque but the main guy needs to actually look like a superhero, though. Like blue-body suit type of stuff. Not like the Shadow where he's in a trenchcoat get-up or whatever.

I also kind of like that thing where he's like the first superhero in an otherwise normal world and he really eventually overturns a lot of societal conventions. People view him as a huge threat and so forth. Watchmen-esque, I guess.

For setting I'd like that Batman: TAS thing, there are computers and TVs but everybody drives 1950s cars and shoots tommy guns. Futuristic monorails next to grimy tenement buildings, that sort of thing.

EDIT: Oh, guy needs a weakness. Uh, he's weak to electricity, radio waves, and such. It can harm him even when he's intangible. The villains eventually figure this out and come after him with lightning guns, try to microwave him, etc. I'd kind of like to see one where the hero gets more and more godlike as the series goes on, though, and he overcomes this weakness and learns to control it, redirecting electricity, etc. Eventually he's so powerful and skilled that he's viewed as a threat by the military and such. Kind of like Dr. Manhattan except a gradual evolution to that point.

I also think that while it should be a long-running series it needs to definitely be scripted out with the ending decided upon when they begin and major milestones planned out. It should be created with the idea that it will eventually end, even if it's ten years later.
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