What's worse? Being a slacker or being a social climber?

I want to work my way to the top so i can slack off.
Ok, well let me explain it to you.

I'm pretty sure that's self explainatory

I haven't listened to the cd in a while but I don't think the word was "twirk" but anyway he was saying all that matters is bein pimp, not worrying about anything else.

For someone like him rather than someone who has a regular 9-5 type of office job

Who hates his life and wishes his job didn't suck so hard everyday

Hahahaha ****ing awesome! Thank you! Oh and it is twirk believe me
This for some reason caught my eye while I was searching to check if a topic I wanted to post was covered somewhere else.
A social climber has a life defined by other people's value system.

A slacker spends most of their days pursuing leisurely activities.

Which is worse?
Total disagreement there. What would ever give you this misconception? Humans, first and foremost, are social creatures by nature, so the fact that social hierarchies exist and that we wish to "climb" them is kind of instinctual. I find it interesting however that you equate climbing a social latter, or imagine being popular with a life defined by "others".

From personal experience when I began to no longer evaluate myself based on the perception of others that is when I became popular. It really happened without trying, one minute I felt outcasted, and it seemed as though a mere weeks later everything was different. People who evaluate themselves based on the opinions of others are one thing: insecure, and insecurity is what prevents people from being social climbers.

I think it's tempting for people to assume those who are popular are in fact broken people inside. While popular people do have their demons they tend to have very good people skills (or at least are born into lots of money), and that means having confidence and a sense of self worth. What I often find people on the opposite end of the spectrum don't see is that everyone has problems, but it's those who don't let those problems define them are the ones who ultimately are successful.

The truth is there is no such thing as popular, it's a delusion made up by those who are "unpopular". Really the heart of confidence is being comfortable around people, which means not worrying what they think of you. If you're comfortable in social settings then naturally you'll find yourself surrounded by more people.
Social Climber.

As far as I know social climbers are sociopaths who will do whatever it takes to get ahead. Them mofos are dangerous.

A slacker is only a danger to himself (And possibly any dependents.)
Social climbers seem fake to me. At least with slackers, they're honest with themselves.

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