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Whats Your Hairstyle?

Holly Goodhead

Jan 6, 2005
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What kind of haircut do you have? Straight? Wavy? Curly? What color is it? Are you bald? Buzzed? Short? Long?

My hair is getting really long now, its down to about midback..still blonde and straight. My guy friends like to tell me they're going to cut my hair off when i'm sleeping because i'm obsessed with it.
ill kill them, i will.

Whats your hairstyle?

Pictures are a plus.
The 'I-Just-Woke-Up' hairstyle...
I have a dark and pulled back hair and short around the sides
Kinda like Antonio Banderas' character in Spy Kids, but a little looser.
Either afro, pulled back afro(with head band) or cornrolls.
Im growing my hair and my beard like Hannibal King
buzzed down really short or the out of bed look
the I had a long day at work hairstyle...just a mess.
Depends. It's curly and long, but I sometimes iron it straight.. and then it's longer. :confused: It's like... brownish reddish kind of color. And you've seen a pic.
i just buzzed my head the other day...
I need a haircut, it's sometimes sort of long(like right now), sometimes not, brownish/red, sort of curly...
Buzzed it about a month ago, but it's more of a means to an end. Had to get rid of my painfully average haircut, so I figured I'd go for a blank slate.
I have medium length straggly brown hair, but generally I wear a turban, so...

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