What's your "song of the week"?


Aug 3, 2012
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If you're anything like me, you often get really addicted to a song, be it one you just discovered, or a song you listened to before, but that suddenly just got a lot better.

This may last for a few days, a week or several weeks. I pretty much constantly have a few songs that I would just put on repeat, if I had a little less self control.

So, I'll start, recently I've been listening a ton to Sisters of Mercy, and their hit "Temple of Love" in particular. [YT]evu3I0ZoERc[/YT]They play a really catchy mix of 80's disco and prog/glam/psy rock, if you don't know them.

Another artist I just discovered, thanks to Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn, is He is Legend, a mix between proggy sludge/stoner metal and hardcore punk. "Stranger Danger" is a masterpiece, imo![YT]sDaIsJzvrhQ[/YT]

So, what's your song(s) of the moment?
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I don't normally get addicted to a song, but this week I must've listened to "Skyfall" by Adele like 40 times. What a great ****ing song.
I don't normally get addicted to a song, but this week I must've listened to "Skyfall" by Adele like 40 times. What a great ****ing song.

Yeah, listened a lot to that when the movie was fresh. My favorite Bond song, along with Live and Let Die and You Know my Name!
Been listening to these songs quite a bit this past week:

"Book of Saturday", King Crimson

"I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You", The Alan Parsons Project

"Goodbye Stranger", Supertramp

"Solsbury Hill", Peter Gabriel

Yes, I mostly listen to progressive rock...

"Train From Kansas City" by the Shangri-Las.

It's unfortunate that at the height of my addiction to the Shangri-Las, their producer Shadow Morton died today :(
Ah, I see they're most famous for "Leader of the Pack". I knew I had heard their "sound" before.
"Leader of the Pack" was their biggest and most remembered hit. But they were huge in their time with lots of hits including "Give Him A Great Big Kiss", "Bull Dog", "Remember (Walking in the Sand)", etc. Their music transcended beyond songs and became storytelling full of drama, adolescent naiveté, struggles of love and darkness, and performed with overwhelming genuine passion. Their creativity and ingenuity were unique and still unparalleled. I really do regard them as one of the greatest music acts of all time.
Remember is a great song :up:

my song of the week is Lana Del Rey's Never Let Me Go

Been listening a ton to Stratovarius' behemoth epic Elysium the last few days, it's just.. epic!

On a completely different note, I also found this incredibly catchy and soothing reggea/house tune in one of my playlists. Serenade, by R.I.O.:
my song(s) of this week are apparently the Les Miserables soundtrack
M83 - Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør)

I heard it playing at Bestbuy the other day, I've had it stuck in my head since.

Puddle of Mudd - Psycho
I've had this on repeat all week.

I'm Deranged - David Bowie


From the Lost Highway soundtrack

samantha barks - another suitcase in another hall

listened to it like 100x this weekend
I generally don't like rap music, and like Flo Rida even less, but I Cry has been running through my head the last seven days.

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