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Which villain was unnecessary in SM3?


Jan 22, 2005
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To me the symbiote story should have been saved until after the Goblin story was done. Like GG2, Venom is a character that needed building up and that requires at least two films. SM2 had set up Harry to be the villain. Not an alien symbiote which hadn't even shown up nor had Eddie Brock been introduced yet.

Plus if Venom wasn't in SM3, Sandman wouldn't have been Uncle Ben's killer. Because there would be no black suit, no symbiote, no revenge theme. Which is the reason this retcon happened.

Sandman was involved Uncle Ben's death from the get-go. I wouldn't be surprised if Raimi had been planning that for awhile before Spidey 3. Before Venom came to the movie, revenge was the theme. Vulture was Venom's part, being the one who couldn't forgive. Spidey had ruined his career by exposing him as a fraud in his business or something like that.
Yes, there probably would not be a Symbiote, but other than Eddie Brock/Venom, the story was the way it was with Harry and Sandman.

Which one was unnescessary? Well, I say none. You get rid of one, a theme is ruined. Get rid of Sandman and Spidey's motivation and all the emotion would be gone with the Uncle Ben involvment. Symbiote Spider-Man would have no one besides common crooks. Beat on Harry? Well then we don't get to see Harry be normal again, which really helps make his death more dramatic. Getting rid of Venom would just make the whole Eddie Brock not being able to forgive thing go away. All the characters are tied in a revenge/forgiveness concept, and Eddie was the one who just went with the revenge. He was the most evil of the film, and did quite a bit of damage.

Now, I liked Venom in this movie. Should he have been in it longer? Well if he was going to have to die, yeah. Otherwise they should have let him live. I really like the way they did it. Venom being in a revenge concept is how Venom is really, that's not Vulture. The Symbiote was the way to go in this film. You can say it wasn't well thought out, but after countless viewings and reading the making of book, I really appriciate alot of the care that went into it. It wasn't perfect by any means, I did have a issue here and there, but I thought they took the story in new and interesting ways. It may seem crowded by description, but I believe they balanced it out really well. :up:
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I'd go with Sandman.

All they needed him for was to retcon uncle Ben's death -- which was unnecessary.

I love Sandman, but you already had a bad-guy-who-died-good (Goblin Jr) and a real bad guy (Venom) -- so you can't take Venom out of the picture -- otherwise, you'd have two bad-guys-who-are-good-in-the-end -- and that's not good.

Sandman is good enough to be the sole villain (ok, maybe not :o..)
Venom, I sure do love the guy, but i felt like he was shoved into the last few scenes as joy for the fans. I was fine with just a Sandman showdown.

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