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Sequels Which villains would you choose for the Sinister Six?


Apr 26, 2002
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Title is self-explanatory.

There have been many different iterations of the Sinister Six group of supervillains over the years, so my question to all of you is, who would you put on your personal Sinister roster if you knew the group was indeed going to make an appearance in a future ASM sequel?

First off, I think it's difficult to balance a bunch of heavyweight/mastermind-type supervillains in one film. The way I would approach the Six would be very similar to the Brotherhood in the X-Men films, in which Magneto was the true leader of the group, and the rest of the mutants were essentially henchmen. However, they should all pose some sort of major physical threat to Spidey, so I wouldn't use a guy like, say, Chameleon. I'd also try to avoid rehashing villains who previously appeared in the Raimi fims, although the leader would pretty much have to be either Doc Ock or the Green Goblin, so I wouldn't be able to abide by that rule entirely. Also, I don't think it would make much sense to include Kraven as it seems like, if anything, he would be working to hunt down half the members of the group. ;)

That said, here's my proposed roster:

1. Doctor Octopus/Green Goblin - Although it's inevitable that Norman Osborn will become the Goblin at some point in the new series, I'd prefer they stick to the classic comics and keep Doc Ock as the leader of the group. The Green Goblin can appear sometime down the road.

2. Rhino - Spidey needs to be pit against a big, stupid, brutish force a la the Hulk, and who better than the Rhino? Think Sabretooth or Juggernaut in the X-Men films.

3. Vulture - The Vulture always came across as a pretty cheesy villain. However, I wonder if it wouldn't make the character much more interesting by having him also be the result of a cross-species experiment gone wrong, rather than just a guy in a green flight suit. His old age could make for a fun dynamic with the other members of the group, and, in the absence of Green Goblin, Vulture could provide for some thrilling aerial combat sequences with Spider-Man.

4. Electro - Electro is a great villain, however, I'm not convinced he could carry a film as a headlining villain. However, as a founding member of the Six, I feel it's only appropriate that he be included.

5. Scorpion - I'd follow the storyline from the ASM video game and have Scorpion be the product of one of Otto Octavius' cross-species experiments, a half-scorpion, half-human monster with pincers for hands and the ability to project the world's most toxic venom from his tail.

6. Mysterio - Mysterio is one of those characters who, much like Chameleon, is not much of a physical threat in hand to hand combat with Spider-Man, but when you team him up with a bunch of other powerful characters, his skill set becomes invaluable. I imagine his role would be comparable to Mystique's in the original X-Men trilogy; a character whose abilities to create illusions and alter environments can really mess with our hero's head.

Who would you include?
I think it might be best in this continuity if the Green Goblin put the Sinister Six together initially. The second sinister six can be Doc Ock, if they continue the film series past three, but Osborn needs to be the primary villain in this story arc.

As for the others, that's a little trickier. I agree with Electro, Vulture, and Mysterio, and I kinda want Scorpion involved as well. However, I don't agree on Rhino. While he does need a hulking enemy, Rhino isn't exactly the type who I feel really would work.

I do think that, so they can really tie the continuity together, the final member should be the Lizard. Osborn can re inject Conners with the formula, and blackmail into working for him. They could even work in a redemption subplot where he redeems himself by turning on the Six. Still, they already established the Lizard as a villain, and I feel it'd be best if the big players of the Six were established in prior films, so...
I get where you're coming from, but given that comic book film franchises tend to go south by the third film, I think it's unrealistic to assume that this franchise will go more than three-four films, so I just don't think it would make sense to, for lack of a better term, 'waste' a film or two introducing tertiary characters like Rhino, Scorpion, etc. And I was tempted to include Lizard as part of the Six, since, as you mentioned, it would make sense given the storyline they established in the first film, but as I said at the outset of my post, I wanted to refrain from using as many characters that have been done before as possible.

One way I thought of to use Kraven in the Six, however, is to have him come to New York to hunt down the members of the Six, who at this point would only total five. However, once the villains notice that Kraven also has it out for Spidey, as well, they find a way to capture him and subject him to some sort of cross-species experiment that turns him into a half-man/half-lion hybrid monster. I know it would probably piss off a lot of fans, but it's the most justifiable way to include Kraven in the Six that I could think of.
I think Octavius orchestrating the release of the Six would be the best route. Rather than being out in a straight team up, they're pursuing their own ends in NY, and Spider-Man has to stop them. My Six would be:

Otto Octavius
Chameleon or Vulture or Shocker
Kraven the Hunter
Vulture or Shocker
Introduce Otto Octavius in the next film as Norman Osborn's chief scientist (in wake of the Lizard's incarceration). Also have Mysterio and Shocker as minions working for Norman.

Maybe just imply that Norman has been experimenting to create superhumans (maybe allude to Scorpion and Rhino).

Then by the third movie you have it more or less set up.
-Doc Ock
-Vulture (but not old, mid 40s)
-Goblin II (Harry knows a lot about Peter. They need a guy like Harry.)

Will post villain bios in a few on the TASM SEQUEL VILLAINS THREAD.
2.Doc Ock
Here's my lineup:
Norman Osborne/Green Goblin
Adrian Toombs/The Vulture
Quentin Beck/Mysterio
Dmitri Anatoly Nikolayevich/Chameleon
Morris Bench/Hydro-Man
Mac Gargan/Scorpion
If there is going to be three Iron Mans and three Avengers along with three Thors, Captain Americas, etc. there could be six Amazing Spider-Mans. Sony and Marvel could just plow through even if they hit a bump like the original Star Trek movie series.

I'd have Venom in the fifth film, with the Black Suit used in TASM4.

The Lizard (TASM)
Electro (TASM2)
Vulture (TASM2)
Green Goblin (TASM3)
Doctor Octopus (TASM4)
Kraven (TASM5)
There were some comments made by the producers hinting at the possibility of there in fact being at least 6 films (5 films featuring an individual villain and a 6th film featuring the full-blown Sinister Six). In light of that, here's how I'd make things shake out in terms of my preferred SS lineup:
TASM 2: Mysterio and Scorpion
TASM 3: The Vulture and Green Goblin
TASM 4: Chameleon
TASM 5: Hydro-Man
Doc Ock, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Mysterio, and Sandman
1. Doc Ock (Leader)
2. Mysterio
3. Electro
4. Shocker
5. Rhino
6. Vulture/Sandman
I'd personally want the original lineup for The Sinister Six. Don't see any point in changing it.
I have 3 different versions.

1. Mysterio
2. Doc ock
3. sandman
4. Venom
5. Green Goblin
6. Electro


1. Sandman
2. Lizard
3. Mysterio
4. Vulture
5. Shocker
6. Rhino


1. Green Goblin
2. Rhino
3. Aqua Man
4. Lizard
5. Hammerhead
6. Doc ock

those are the ones
The original team consisting Octopus, Mysterio, Electro, Sandman, Kraven and Vulture.

Or a more balanced team.
I think that using villains who served as main bad guys in previous films and then uniting may prove weak for continuity. In comics and animated series it works, but in films it may prove hardly believable if Spider-Man faces 6 of his strongest villains at the same time. Maybe incorporating the brilliant idea of SSM show by battling the original Six with the black suit may be the only logical choice, leading to the Venom story for a sequel.
But a more balanced team in my opinion should consist of high tech villains assembled by Octavius. They would be:


Everyone would have his role in the team. Octopus is the mastermind and most powerful of them all. Shocker is long distance attacks. Rhino the powerhouse. Kraven is the tracker and hunter. Chameleon, infiltration and deception. And Vulture the aerial support. Together making a perfect terrorist team.
1. Dr. Octopus
2. Mysterio
3. Vulture
4. Sandman
5. Electro
5. Rhino

So basically, the original, except Rhino instead of Kraven. Rhino would then go down during the course of the film (maybe even at Kraven's hands) and be replaced with Kraven.

I see no point in having Scorpion and Rhino on the team together. Both of them are basically heavy hitters. And why would anyone want both Shocker AND Electro on the team? I'd give Scorpion and Shocker cameo style roles in the franchise.

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