The Dark Knight who do you think of as bruce wayne/batman

The one and only, Christian Bale.

Ever since 1989 it's been Michael Keaton. Kilmer or Clooney never had me convinced. Keaton was Batman/Bruce Wayne...

Since 2005 however, it's Bale. I still adore Keaton's portrayal, but Bale had it nailed as far as I'm concerned.

(I prefer Keaton's "Batman" voice over Bale's though)
Ah, but here's the rub...

Whenever I think of Batman / Bruce Wayne... I immediately think of the bulkiest, most well chiseled human on this planet... I think of the comics where it all began... And the comics that still to this day... Despite Nolan's magnificent creation... I think the actor that played Collosus in X-Men2... Though not quite anymore... But someone in particular of that structure could only ever truly be the epitomous Batman...

We have been treated to interpretations upon interpretations... But when will we ever be treated to an epitomous depiction upon the big screen?
Bale By Far!

I Hate This Arm & Hammer Guy Already, And They Haven't Even Shot That Jla Disaster Yet!
Kevin Conroy... always have, always will.

But visually/film-wise, of course it's Bale. :)
I dont remember much from Batman Forever/Batman & Robin. And its not because they are panned, but I havent seen either of those movies in a years. I think I might have to rewatch them sometime. But for a while I visioned George Clooney as Bruce Wayne. To me he always had that Hollywood-Playboy look. Micheal Keaton has been Batman to me. Now, older and wiser :p I like Bale's Bruce Wayne. Especially that scene in Begins when he and those two girls are swimming in that fountain at the restaurant. I liked that. I like Bale's Batman too. Not as much as Keaton's strong/silent type, but I like em both.

Bale - Bruce
Haha, I'm the 'opposite' of you, William C. It's always been Bale's Batman I like and Micheal Keaton as Bruce Wayne.
As Batman,

As Bruce,


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