Who is the better Butler?

The Apocalypse

Jul 23, 2005
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The age old question everyone has been wanting to know. Just who is the better Butler?

Geoffrey - Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Alfred - Batman Begins
Alfred, he has access to all the cool gadgets
As much as I'm going to hate myself for saying this,

Alfred is more hood than Geoffrey.
Geoffrey was comic-relief.

Alfred is the relief.

Mr. Belvedere is the DNA mixture of the two.
Alfred > Geoffrey

Alfred is just far more dedicated.
Alfred is funnier than Geoffrey as well. Alfred FTW.
I have to go with my boy, G! He's my dawg!
i always liked the Butler from Soap

but of the 2 I'll go with Alfred
I picked against Michael Caine?

I...know now what must be done :(
I thought there was going to be a Gerard option coming in here :(

I'll go with Alfred. For some reason that "Endure" line really got me in the TDK trailer.
alfred of course,he loves what he does,im sure jefferey does to but he lets his personal interests get in the way quite a bit.im betting als a better cook as well and hes also very good with cars.
Anyone better than Alfred? NEVAH!
Loved when "G" made fun of uncle Phil's weight. His jokes and british accent were classic.
Everyone's gonna go with Alfie, aren't they?

Ex-SAS, trustworthy, loyal, funny.

Geoffrey gambles, complains about his work, backtalks and always grasses up Will and Carlton. If I was Philip Banks I'd have chucked him out years ago. Jazz style.
Alfred has a shotgun. So Alfred takes it no problem.
Alfred. I would not want to be fat and have Geoffrey as my butler. He'd hurt my self esteem.

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