Sequels Who should be the villain of an MCU X-Men film?

Who should be the villain of an MCU X-Men film?

For several X-MEN FILMS installments we should say

Bastion and his sentinels army for first movie
For sure MR Sinister for sequel, first appearance in post credit scene

I voted Sentinels beacause we didnt see yet a x-men team fighting sentinels in a city! We've seen Godzilla fighting Ghidorah in Boston, fighting Kong in HK during night, we could imagine the same thing between x-men and sentinels
Also, Master Mold hunting x-men would be awesome
Yeah Mr. Sinister with Apocalypse as the real threat to be revealed later. I want to see Cable and his story explained. This way we get Sinister as the villain but Apocalypse is the real threat. Or we can get Stryfe and X-force for a real twist. Cable vs Stryfe.
I just want to see something more with Cable, and different timelines.
We could also do the Age of Apocalypse and use Nate Grey. This way we get Sinister, Apocalypse and a super powerful version of Cable.

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