Who was your favorite Actress/Female Character in "MOS"?


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Aug 31, 2007
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Given the fact that we had somewhat of a good quantity of actresses within this film, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a thread where we discuss who our favorite actresses/female characters were in "Man of Steel".


Amy Adams as "Lois Lane"


Antje Traue as "Faora"


Ayelet Zurer as "Lara"


Diane Lane as "Martha Kent"


Rebecca Buller as "Jenny"


Christina Wren as "Carrie Ferris"
At the moment, it's Lara. But it changes.

Also, Kelor the robot was pretty good too!
I loved Faora but I had to vote for Amy as Lois Lane, she played the part to perfection the best live-action portrayal of the character in my opinion.
Amy Adams and Diane Lane were both very strong, but Adams was given more to do.
Easily Lois Lane. Amy Adams is the BEST version of the character I've ever seen. And I say that as someone who loved Kidder's Lois.

Here's how I'd rank the ladies:

1. Lois
2. Faora
3. Martha Kent
4. Lara
5. Jenny

I'm not going to rank "Carrie;" she was a background character that did practically nothing.
Tough choice between Lois and Faora, both Amy Adams and Antje Traue nailed their parts, but Faora was just such a hard ass that I had to vote for her lol
I vote for Amy/Lois! She def added depth and authenticity to the character of Lois.
I am guessing voters for Faora are the fanboys...
actually all of em were good, even Jenny.
and I nearly cried in the scene where Diane Lane had to coax young Clark out of that broom closet.
They were all written great and acted perfectly, but I'm gonna go with Amy/Lois. Amy really embodied all what a modern Lois Lane should be and she just fit her.
Faora the badass!!!

but the "He's kind of hot" girl was cute!!
Well, I can tell you who my least favorite was. Ayelet Zurer.

My favorite would be Amy/Lois, but I also loved Antje so I'll vote for her, just to create a tie in the poll. :D
Antje as Faora ftw!

The "he's kinda hot" girl ftl!
I voted for Ayelet Zurer as Lady Lara.

I think her character was really admirable. She had natural child birth in secrecy. She was a council member and secured Kal's safety. She lost her husband, son, and world yet she faced all of it with a sense of hope.
It's tough to pick a favorite. I really enjoyed Diane Lane and Antje Traue's performance. Rebecca Buller, despite her minor role, was very good as well.
This is a discussion thread, not a locker room. Let's not stoop to childish, sexist, and offensive comments, please.
Damn, well this is tough. As a character I loved Faora(as I'm sure many posters know :hehe), but as a performance I was so into Amy's Lois. Probably my favorite live action Lois to date and the other female actresses did really well for the time they were given. Ugh inner conflict. :(
Diane Lane for me, I thought she was perfect.

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