Guardians of the Galaxy Who will be the favorite when it's all said and done?


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Aug 14, 2010
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I included an option for "other" in case any additional characters are initroduces besides the ones announced.
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If done right, Rocket Raccoon should come out easily as everyone's favorite.
Rocket Raccoon because he is the cutest-looking character in the movie.
Gamora. Most of the audience are probably going to be teenage boys, after all. :woot:
I'm going with Rocket Raccoon. Basically, if he works, he's going to be the most memorable character in the movie. If he doesn't work, odds are, the movie in general doesn't work, either.
Lol Rocket Raccoon without a doubt... Haha Marvel is going to make a killing with him through merchandising!!
I can see it now... kids walking around with Rocket Raccoon plush dolls and action figures. It will happen, I guarantee.
One part of my says Rocket; the other says Gamora. No prize for whoever figures out which part.
A talking raccoon is on the team. He's already my favorite.

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