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Dec 13, 2010
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what Actor or character want to show for Season 2:jedi

I want Devon Sawa he now appearing in a other show for the channel I'm sure geting him will not be difficult and I'm sure any one watch Nikita's knows he do a dangerous and Serious character and can be in cool fight scenes :jedi
Well before Homeland was a thing, I would have said Damian Lewis. Now I'm not sure.
I don't think there should be any focus on guest stars/guest characters rn.
I think that Hal Jordan will be in Arrow Season 2 but he won't be Green Lantern...
I agree Hal will show up. Whether it be Ryan Reynolds or another actor is the real question
I would like to see the Question, or another character in the line will not be appearing in a DC film in any foreseeable future.
Misha Collins as The Question

Maggie Q/Michelle Yeoh as Lady Shiva. Mischa Collins as Vic Sage.
I would like to see Laurel become the Black Canary.
**** yeah homies!!!! We're getting Metamorpho AND Barry Allen!!! Awesome news!

Now I'm just hoping for The Question,

I think it'd be hard to adapt their powers on a tv show, but if they could pull it off I'd love to see Elongated Man or Plastic Man, or just their alter egos
I don't think Laurel will become Black Canary for maybe as long as they can hold off. I can see it maybe around season 6.

I still want to see Oliver face Azreal, a brainwashed assassin connected to a cult that created him. Would be fun to see Oliver
face a freakish mirror of himself.

Since they mentioned Ted Kord in one episode I would LOVE to see Kord/Blue Beetle show up.
By the time Dinah Laurel becomes Black Canary, it's not going to mean much and I can apply this to Slade Wilson when he becomes Deathstroke.
Connor Hawke, courtesy of Oliver and Shado's island affair.
i just want a Nightwing or Batman series on HBO or AMC

Ted Kord/Blue Beetle. He was mentioned in a flashback so he would be older than Oliver, but like Oliver he is just human but unlike Oliver he could be constantly using super tech he created.
The atom. Him and his girlfriend were mentioned by laurel in season one
The Question
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

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