Stand-Alone Movies Who'd want to see an Animated Clone Wars Sequel?


Dec 8, 2012
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I'm not a big fan of the Force Unleashed games. The first one was decent but had some stupid plot points (Over the top force use like pulling down the Star Destroyer, Vader being one of the easier bosses, and of coarse the Emperor creating the Rebellion by accident.). The second game was AWESOME...until you realize you beat it in four hours that is. However I do really like the idea of Starkiller and his relationship with Vader.

Starkiller and Ashoka have a lot in common, most easily spotted being the unusual way they hold their lightsabers and how they've been known to duel wield. Anyway a movie about Vaders two apprentices would be amazing and given the last episode we saw of the Clone Wars, a good conclusion to the Ashoka arc.

A story that comes to mind off the top of my head is Vader has been training Starkiller and on one of his missions he discovers Ashoka Tano. When Vader gets word he orders Starkiller to capture her and bring her back to him alive. Starkiller goes undercover and has to trick the former Jedi into helping him with something. Durring the adventure the two get to know each other, she tells him about her times as a Jedi and her former master, and they develop a bond. Starkiller is conflicted about betraying his new companion but feels he must stay loyal to Vader. Then when he finally presents Ashoka to Vader and she senses it's Anakin. This revelation brings Starkiller to realize his master intends to replace him with his former apprentice.

It gets me excited just thinking about it! Also would be a much better plot than the one in the actual force unleashed games.
I think they will steer clear of these games. I dont think it will help the plot at all with the feature films. I would expect them to ditch the animated theme, and put a underworld live action series on ABC.
Starkiller is the biggest Gary Stu in the history of Entertainment.
I actually liked the first movie & the animated series, so I wouldn't mind if they did a sequel.
I'd love an animated sequel that dealt with Ashoka. I'm not holding my breath, but I'd be there in a heart beat.
I wouldn't. The first one was terrible. If they make a sequel keep it away from theaters.

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