Why are DC animated Films better their Movies?


Apr 26, 2008
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Dont get me wrong but their Animated Films seem better n flow from much better stories.
Closely related to Material.

Much how Marvel are making their Films.

Love almost all their Animated features better then their Films.
Better Stories more accurate better flow and even Better ACTING.

It’s true. It’s also sad that WB has such a great blueprint to draw from already in the animated films, and they STILL **** it up.

Green Lantern First Flight > Green Lantern (2011)
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest > Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Justice League War & the first 3 episodes of Justice League > Justice League (2017)
The first three episodes of STAS > MOS
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest
Absolutely hate that movie. The Michael Turner sequel is ok, but neither are better than the first ever live-action meet-up of the two.
Absolutely hate that movie. The Michael Turner sequel is ok, but neither are better than the first ever live-action meet-up of the two.

I’m talking about this one. I guess I got the name wrong. This is better than the other two animated Batman/Superman movies and BvS combined. It’s the definitive Batman/Superman story in my eyes and one of the highlights of the entire DCAU.
Because two reasons:

1. Different set of people making them. Specifically, the set making the animated movies actually love and respect the source material, whereas too many of the ones making live action movies view the source as silly and in need of "fixing".

2. Less executive meddling. Cartoons are for kids, and don't matter as much. Ergo fewer execs insisting that X and Y must happen, so that it can sell at least Z tickets.
Yeah, the animation is made by people who much more know and have affection for the source material and are less interested in distinguishing themselves from past versions (be they made by some of the same people or otherwise).

Also, of course, lower budget, less financial expectations, less demand to appeal to the mass and wide audiences.
It is so weird that the movies feel so ashamed of the source material and the past. I love how the Arkham games and Gotham both have embraced all the major interpretations of Batman over the years. In both of those, you can find influence from the comics, the 60s tv show, the Burton films, the Schumacher films, and the Nolan films. It’s the perfect synthesis of everything we’ve seen before while it still forges its own identity.
Its because a sizable chunk of Hollywood is still incredibly insecure about their own profession, and feel like they need to "prove" to the world that what they do is "real art".
what are you smoking? dc animated movies have a lower batting average (good vs not good)than the live action movies
I completely disagree with the statement made in this thread.
About 1 of 4 of these DC Animated PG-13 movies are pretty good. The rest are forgettable fast food.
"Forgettable fast food" is still a huge leap above every DC movie of recent memory other than Wonder Woman and Aquaman. "I remember it for being awful" is not a good thing.
Are the Animated movies better? I dont know, i dont enjoy too many of them.
Was it the dark knight returns i last enjoyed? Yeah i think so...that followed 18 that i didnt enjoy.

Stuff like the killing joke, son of batman, batman vs robin which ruined the court of owls storyline by squeezing it into a different storyline, bad blood, a badly animated and flowing gotham by gaslight.

I mean i rather take a few of Snyders movies over the rather boring movies in the animated universe.
But i assume you have a lot more room with the animated movies to mess up.

I dont know, im not enjoying what they do in the animated sector.
I cant help but think "cheap" whenever i see a movie, as if they dont really want to spend too much time or money on that stuff.

Imagine a Gotham by Gaslight with a really unique art style and so on, but what we got was incredible generic and stiff...at least thats my opinion.

There would be so much possible in the animated universe, you would think that this is were Marvel and DC shine...but nothing stands out too much(not counting into the spider-verse since thats pretty new and all that)
A large amount of the DC animated films range from bad to forgettable.

In fact, most of the relativity recent DC animated films that have been good are all elseword stories.

-Flashpoint Paradox
-Gods and Monsters
-Gotham by Gaslight
Its a matter of money. If your kid comes to you and asks for $5 to go to the store and get some snacks, sure no problem, here's a fiver. But if he asks for $20, you're going to start asking some questions.

Same thing with movies. What is the budget for the average animated movie? The Killing Joke was $3.5M so let's say an average DC animated film is between $2-4M. You can afford to take some risks for that amount of money. You can afford to trust your storytellers, trust the material they are working with, trust that you will see a return on your investment. An animated film with that budget only needs to make about $7-10M to turn a profit.

But when the budget is upwards of $100M, things get a little more dicey. I don't think WB trusts the DC material they have. For my two cents, DC has the best storylines out there, but WB has zero faith in them. The interesting piece of this is WB is a filmmaker's studio that trusts filmmaker over material, which is the right thing to do. But they haven't found the right mix of filmmakers to create a solid group of DC films. And allowing Zack Snyder making 3 of the movies was a huge mistake.
"Forgettable fast food" is still a huge leap above every DC movie of recent memory other than Wonder Woman and Aquaman. "I remember it for being awful" is not a good thing.

Difference of opinion I guess. I think the 70 something minute running time is a joke. They have made adaptations of many great comics, yet the results in these Animated features have been really bland. In many cases it feels like the pacing is really off. I think Batman TAS and Justice League TAS did a much better job when they adapted famous comics to 20 minute episodes. Maybe that worked better because the original comics were shorter. The animated version of TKJ was rather lousy.

Them making something like "Batman :Hush" feels ridiculous. That is one of those stories that would need to be a 2 part film

I think most of the DCEU films are better than the current animated films.

And this is not Said by anyone who knocks animation, I am a Huge fan of the DC Animated series.
Batman Hush not being in Jim Lee's style is a crime.
Wouldnt surprise me if its done with that "New 52" animation style and chin strap Batman.

Hush is something I would want to see as a big budget Animated film.
Wait people think the marvel live action films are even remotely like the comics? The live action have become comedies with scenes replicated from the comics at best. The over all emotion in the movie's are no where near the level reached in the comics. Look up bathos and marvel films on YT their are a number of good reviews detailing the issue and differences indirectly.

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