Why is Firestorm such an underused underrated character?



He has a cool back story, he is one of the best looking dc characters, he has awsome powers, but he is seldom used or ementioned? Why has DC chosen to underutilize this guy so much?
I was under the impression that Firestorm was to be used in the Justice League Unlimited format, but they never got around to it. Perhaps they wanted to spotlight some lesser known heroes. Firestorm did get a decent run back on some of the varied SuperFriends incarnations.

I've seen it mentioned that because of the relaunch of Firestorm in the comics (with Jason Rusch), DC didn't want to confuse viewers with two versions of the same character. The one on the show would have likely been Ronnie Raymond. If JLU can somehow get another season, maybe we'll see him, but that doesn't look likely.

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Thanx for the welcome! And its too bad about firestorm not getting the attention deserved. Id really love to see a firestorm movie one of these days, its amazing that they can make a movie with seriously weak characters like daredevil and electra or even catwoman, but firestorm is always overlooked. Dr Fate is another guy Ive always liked but you never hear a lot about him either.
It seems that DC doesn't want to flood the market with comic book movies like Marvel has done. We'll be lucky if we get some headway on a Green Lantern movie, let alone guys further down the roster. I think the best that we could hope for would bea DTV of sorts.

I like Dr. Fate too. His appearances in the DCAU were always of interest to me.
About the Green Lantern movie, I hope they are gonna use Hal Jordan, he was the only GL that was ever of any interest to me, any word on that?
Nothing that I know of; not even early development. It makes sense to start with Hal, especially if they envision the movie as a franchise instead of a one-shot.

As far as I know, all of DC's movie attention is on the characters of the Trinity and the Flash. The Flash project isn't even a full go yet.
The flash would be a fun movie to watch, but deep down I still just want a firestorm movie lol That is if modern day special effects are up to the task. I bet either a firestorm or a Green lantern movie would both cost tremendous amounts of money to make in the special effects department that is if SE are to the point where those guys can even be made to look believable yet:)
the one hero I wanted to see and they never showed him. not ONCE and not even for a second :(
spider-neil said:
the one hero I wanted to see and they never showed him. not ONCE and not even for a second :(

Yeah. :( I think they should've since he was shown in the comic for JLU, I think that Will Friedle would've been perfect for the voice over.

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